Digital Painting Experiments and Abstraction

Following on from my drawings and t-shirt visualisations, I started experimenting with colour and abstract expressionism. Could they work in conjunction with the drawings or along side them? 


I want the new designs to be vibrant, although I need to test the market. Who knows, people may prefer more simple colour ways, such as black and white; we will see. But the point is about there being choice and ultimately to be a good business woman I need to understand what people want in terms of aesthetic as opposed to my own taste. 


Nothing is finalised but I am enjoying the process of playing about with my drawing pad and seeing where things go. I have also been thinking of a new statement 


We all have them and sometimes we need a space in which to share them, be encouraged to voice our thoughts and in doing so, we may find people we can align ourselves with or at least empathise with. The world needs more kindness I think?  More platforms and more openness without judgement. 

Moving forward, the next step is to see how I can match the colour with some drawings, maybe keep it more linear rather than big blocks of colour. I want them, he drawings, to be more expressive and less figurative in the traditional sense. Need to practice that more. But the more I play about the better everything becomes so I need to practice what I preach. 


Final thought  - an experiment with text in block form rather than free hand? Does it work? What do you think? 

Anwyay best get back to promoting the sale, still 30% off all digital tees making them a bargain at £35 with free P&P, grab yours while you can - summer special only. 






New Designs, New Women of Colour, New Creative Expressions

Waiting for the inspiration to kick in can be a real test of patience. 

 Simple t-shirt visualisation of my initial sketches. On the fence about this. 

Simple t-shirt visualisation of my initial sketches. On the fence about this. 

But when it does there is so much productivity. It feels energising and motivational. I have a new sense of focus for the brand. 

 Visually this is very impactful but is it too decisive? 

Visually this is very impactful but is it too decisive? 



Conducting some market research in a few of my favourite shops definitely helped. Coupled with the customers in there really cemented who I want to wear my garments - the young and fashionably edgy. So I best make edgy designs that are commercially viable. 

 Another quick visualisation of one of my sketches - too plain? Too much white space? 

Another quick visualisation of one of my sketches - too plain? Too much white space? 


So to improve on the designs, to experiment, to remember who has inspired me from the art world and who continues to do so. I will take inspiration from them, my favourites ~ Warhol & Basquiat. 


So, embracing the vitamin D today I just sat in my garden and added to the drawings I had already sketched of women of colour.

I knew I wanted to be more expressive but in my own style. To just add paint, ink and pen in anyway that felt right. I wanted the images of the women to be strong, to be visually impactful. 


It was very liberating and enjoyable process because I just went with the flow. I just wanted to make marks, add texture and experiment. 


These are not the finished designs as I want to incorporate more layers, more text and maybe some colour. I am not sure yet but I want to push the visual aesthetic whilst keeping to the ethos of the brand - being inclusive and celebrating women of colour. 

I have also been thinking of a new statement to coincide with the collection, which again is about drawing attention to women, women who identify as being of colour and highlighting the need for more visibility not just tokenistic gestures that are supposed to appease people.


The statement has been rolling around in my head for a few days. So I quickly inked it on to a page with some eyes, to symbolise the need to be looking, paying attention and questioning. it needs some work but I am happy with the message overall. 

 Let me know what you think - all feedback is good feedback.


May Day Sale

As the title suggests, it is

         Sale time

I am offering 30% off on digital print t-shirts and free P&P. The sunshine will hopefully inspire some purchases.


This week is half term so I am going to use the time to come up with

- some new designs

- conduct some market research  

- reestablish who my customer is

- find a brand that I like the aesthetic of to model in terms of social media etc

- and use any money made to fund prototypes. 

I definitely want to use this time to refocus and reflect on what has worked but more importantly what has not.

I think it is important to be honest and create new strategy that is not only true to the ethos of the brand but also keeps me in check!! 

A Change of Direction

So moving forward. How do I do this? What have I learnt from before? 

Not holding a lot of stock is one. There is a lot of money in stock and if it is not being sold as fast as you would hope it is like a bank you cannot get your money from.  


As a result I am thinking about experimenting with my drawings and playing about with the composition on the t-shirt.  Along with text. 

I really want the art factor to shine through here.  

The visualisations I have included in this blog is as far as I have got due to scanning in the images today. But I want to experiment a lot more with other ideas I have - there are many. 


Moving forward, I like the idea of having one t-shirt printed in the various different compositions I like, having a photo shoot for the website and PR purposes and if people want to buy them, they can be made to order. Which will be super cheap for me and much more sustainable by alleviating the financial pressure. 


Also I can drop imagery / visuals slowly at a time to build up a campaign and showcase different styles and colour ways so I do not bore people with the same imagery - I suspect this may be the case now. 

And I really want to keep fresh and push forward by creativity but also allow for variety for consumers. Then I build up my collections slowly over time, which is more manageable for me too. 

Now back to work!