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Collusion of the Digital World and Painted Expressions

are becoming more and more common in  my experimental outcomes; and I am loving the process. 


The beauty with digitized work is that you can delete it immediately if you do not like something. With paint you have to wait for it to dry before making any changes, which can be very laborious and time consuming.  So this process allows me to switch things up quickly. 

Plus it helps my impulsive nature.  

Nothing much to add, so here are some examples of what I have been playing with...  time to reflect but time to keep making ~ this is key. 

T-shirt - Cult Culture Subversion
Fashion and Textiles Museum, Bermondsey.  T-shirt - Cult Culture Subversion Exhibition

Fashion and Textiles Museum, Bermondsey.  T-shirt - Cult Culture Subversion Exhibition

The cult status of the T-shirt has made its impression on our cultural psychic since the 1950’s although it has been in existence for a lot longer - AD 500, who knew? 

Many an artist and designer have used the T-shirt to be subversive, to communicate a message, to act as a political tool and or raise awareness of a specific topic.  

Viewing the T-shirts especially those by Vivienne Westwood was a great reminder of both my inspiration and why I created my brand in the first place. 


It reminded me of the core concepts I wanted to create with the brand:

- inspire a conversation

- act as a performative medium within art

- art as fashion

- political activism  

- raise awareness regarding inclusion, equality and ethnic representation



T-shirts being made of the material they are serve as the perfect surface in which to be creative and showcase a message both visually and in written form.  Which was the exact reason for them being my choice of garment.  They are flexible, they can be worn casually or dressed up and they can be adorned in so many ways, the outcomes are endless.  It is an exciting medium.


Vivienne Westwood & Malcom McClaren 

Vivienne Westwood & Malcom McClaren 

Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McClaren knew all too well how powerful the T-shirt could be as a political tool especially during the 1980’s at the height of Thatcherism and the mobilisation of the Punk movement. It was great seeing some of them because it reminded me of the artistic outlet that could be, the creative potential that I had only just touched upon. It was very inspiring.

Vivienne Westwood 

Vivienne Westwood 

Vivienne Westwood as a designer in her right and with her beau still use T-shirts as a platform to raise awareness of various issues around the world, notably racism in the case of the 'I am not a terrorist please don's shoot me' in response to racial profiling of Muslims and the rise in hate crime. Along with climate change, which is huge on their agenda at the moment and has been for some time. I love the fact that she is still using them as a tool in which to raise awareness. People wearing them inadvertently showcase their support either silently or by being the conversation starter literally.  This is what I would love to achieve.




Creating that platform is key as is getting the visibility, which is the tough part at the moment. Getting in contact with the right people is stepping stone number one, stepping stone number two is getting them to take notice...

Reflective Narratives

The business of fashion is very complex.

Getting the brand ethos right, the garments and how you align yourself in the grand scheme of things ie the fashion world is a lot harder than I had anticipated. 


Reflecting on the brand and making changes today has led to a larger overall idea. One final push with the current collection due to the spring summer season being upon us. 

Hopefully this will in turn generate funds for a new collection. One that is more refined.  


Some changes have been made to the name of a couple of t-shirts to make the narrative stronger. Each garment has a story behind it, which I hope to convey in the next couple of months.  

So back to the research drawing board, to the funding options and contacting micro-influencers.  

And in terms of the larger reflective concepts behind what I am trying to achieve is the 'ripple effect', a shift into peoples social conscience, to talk and debate about diversity and representation, why visibility matters and why everybody should champion it.

Identity, Representation and the Self - Myself

There are many miles stones in peoples lives that leave an impression, influences who you are, along with your upbringing and heritage. 

At a fancy dress party - theme? Old ladies?

At a fancy dress party - theme? Old ladies?

The confusion of mine (growing up with my mums duel heritage and adoption) coupled with going to university, meeting people from different ethnic backgrounds and moving to Tokyo and being submerged in a completely different culture, has helped me think about my identity and process many aspects of how I view myself. And still do. Which has played out in my art work. Art is therapy as they say, as unintentional as it has been. 

The exploration has helped and given me a space in which to experiment, not only my expressive side but what it means to me on an emotional level.

Identity and viewing representations of yourself within the world in which you grow up is so important. Hence the beginning of the clothing brand. A space to bring together many concepts. 

I love my expression in this photo, so many possible captions.  

I love my expression in this photo, so many possible captions.  

The truth is at this juncture in my life I do wonder if the questions I still have about my identity and how I self identify will ever be resolved. Will I ever be at one with myself? What I do know is that I am not going to press for any immediate answers but let various processes occur and see where this journey takes me.   

For the brand I envisage it becoming more streamlined with Indian identity and representation. I would like to explore this side more and meet women who are also Indian and from a similar background to myself, to hear and share their narrative. 

This would truly be about exploring representation and identity, which is an exciting avenue, open enough for the creative path to take which ever direction it chooses and in turn be played out though my art work and subsequently the brand.