About Tania Swift


Identity has always been very personal to me. Growing up in the Midlands to an adopted mother of English and Indian heritage, I’ve lived a life of questioning -


‘Where am I from, where do I belong?’


Launched in 2015, Tania Swift is a direct response to these questions. A fashion brand inspired by my own self-discovery, it harnesses art and the power of open dialogue to examine race identity and representation. Inclusive, playful and provocative, it embodies the effervescence of the east London streets I now call home.


A contemporary collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts, Tania Swift celebrates hidden figures and ethnic minority icons. Pop art influences and saturated colours showcase the faces I wish I had seen more of growing up. Graphic prints capture the vibrancy of diversity with fierce, streetwear appeal. Every piece is a canvas that carries the story of my journey and provides another place for women of all kinds to see themselves.

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