Lookbook Almost Completed

Sneaky preview of the front cover of my new lookbook  


I wrote a blog prior to this one but it got stuck in the system somewhere and then I stupidly deleted it. There is nothing more annoying sometimes!!! 

Anyway, it is late and I really should be asleep right now but here is a quick summary of my achievements that I had set for myself over the half term. 


I realised the only thing I need to do by midnight tomorrow is apply to one of the galleries. The other one has a later deadline, always a bonus. And I reread the requirements for applying to the first one and they do not need a statement, just the artists CV, which I completed at the start of the holiday, another bonus. As a result I will focus on submitting good quality images of the art works that they may wish to consider for the exhibition.  

The lookbook is complete after three edits, it is amazing to review previous versions and see how my ideas evolved with regards to the storytelling of the brand. I will review a printed copy tomorrow but I am happy with the overall feel and narrative. I just want to double check everything is as polished as I would like it to be. Forever the perfectionist.

Next major mission is to contact stylists and magazines who I would like to align my brand with. Along with influencers who could wear my garments. I have some ideas of who would suit them but if you do, please let me know also xx  


I have started a painting which I will submit for either exhibition I am applying too. It is so therapeutic to do other pieces of work along side the fashion / digital element, keeps the motivation and ideas moving forward for possible surface print ideas in the future. 

Aside from that I have been having fun with apps on my phone and I have got my drawing tablet out again, lots of calligraphy experiments. 

Anyway, on with thinking about developing positive connections and good first impressions with the fashion world. Wish me luck.