Back to Basics

Knowledge is power and when you do not have enough knowledge it can be debilitating. This was a sad fact I discovered recently. I thought I knew who my customer was, the vision I wanted to create with the brand and marketing campaign but only on a superficial level it would seem. From talking to three different people in the fashion know how, the same questions came up: who (designer) would your designs sit along side? Who is your target market and how are you going to appeal to them?, for example. Questions that I partially knew the answers too. Gosh naivety has played a large part here along with my creative brain kidding me that being artistic and wanting to get the garments out there would be enough. The simple conclusion is NO! So much more is required and now the penny is beginning to drop. I cannot drive my vision forward if I do not know who I am aiming for. It is like shooting an arrow at the target blindfolded. I have been somewhat blindfolded. 

So what now. Back to basics as the title suggests. Researching designers who I can align my brand with. Take inspiration from their shoots, lookbook and Instagram feeds. Although I took onboard some advice from my friend who is from the fashion world and she positively commented on how I was documenting via my instagtram feed, so that is progress. I will take even the smallest crumb of success or praise at the moment.  

Entrepreneurial life is hard and I have some faults I need to address. Seek advice from sources close to you. They have the knowledge I do not, so utilise it. Being stubborn and trying to do everything independently is not working and causing stress as I feel overwhelmed. So reach out is imperative. This I am going to do now as I want this to work more than ever. 

Gosh when I think about it, this idea has been there since university, which I have mentioned previously. So I want it to work, even on a small level, a good turn over. I mean I do not want to be the next Jeremy Scott but I want the business to be viable and worth the effort I have put in so far. Even if I have been spinning on a fixed point. 

Back to the designers of inspirations which can align myself with. And getting ready for the photoshoot. Most things are in place now. Photographer and makeup artist booked. Models confirmed. Just the looks need sorting now and final decisions regarding the location for the shoot. 

So in the mean time back to researching and gathering inspiration.  


Moodboard 1 - ideas of how I would like the shots composed.