Tania Swift is Live and Open

Exciting times, the shop is now open and sales are being made. At this point in time I am happy with how things have gone so far and have caught the 'creativity bug'! Thinking about new designs, layouts on the garments and sourcing fabrics. There is a lot to consider but I am feeling inspired and genuinely excited about what the future holds.

The next step is to raise the profile of the brand so there are more hits on my website and people want to purchase the t-shirts. I am also thinking about contacting some magazines and stylists so they can include them in their fashion pages or shoots.  But being savvy and smart is key as I need to shift as much stock as possible to pump it back into the business to make new garments rather than spending my own money and being surrounded by own products. Luckily I have been given a market stall in my area, which is another great avenue to explore. Especially getting feedback from people on the designs. So I just need to complete the application form and send off the required documentation to receive my license, then I can start trading. 

Reflecting on my initial market research and target audience, I will be adding images to the website as it currently only has women on it. Which is true to the USP but I want men to feel included in the brand as well. So expanding my lookbook will be advantageous in terms of visually communicating that they are unisex t-shirts. Here's a playful single shot that has been shared on social media to get this point across. More to follow soon. 

Model wears a medium 'Statement'  t-shirt. 

Model wears a medium 'Statement'  t-shirt. 

Visit www.Tania-Swift.com to see the shop X 

Tania Swift