Consultation Time

Last Monday I met with a fashion consultant where we discussed my designs, how to improve brand awareness and marketing strategies.  Having this contact has been invaluable because it can be so isolating working and driving your vision by yourself - ironically.  Sharing ideas and discussing what I would like to achieve has been motivating because it has validated the concepts I envisage and would like to achieve.  It has been about 'how' not the 'what', which has been very encouraging. 

Action will be:

Firstly, I will do a photo shoot with various models who are women of colour in and around Hackney, the borough I live in.  These images will help form a lookbook and also be used to rebrand the website so the message is clear regarding the USP.  She felt the message was not strong enough.  Which I agree with. Traffic needs to be driven to the website through a variety of means but content is imperative. 

From this, the PR and marketing can be really utilised. Contacting various stylists, fashion magazines, gifting to celebrities to help get my product become more visable is the ultimate vision.


Platforms are essential and without them I have nothing to base the brand on.  I need to be smart and decisive regarding who I approach and where the product is seen. I need to be patient with each step and how it is implemented so people believe in the brand, the concept, the emotion behind the product with it being niche but current.  The topic is on trend and not about to go away as ethnicity is always a discussion point. 

I need to get my focus on and be determined with my vision, setting realistic milestones. Achieving them.  And not being distracted by trivial matters.   

So an action plan will be made tomorrow morning with tick boxes, small but significant steps. Always satisfying when you tick that box.  

Tania Swift