Ok so I had a little word with myself and decided that I needed to just get on with it. As stated last week.  Otherwise I'll end up doing nothing but more importantly boring myself to death along with you!   And we do not want that.  

So, I have started to contact more magazines regarding them featuring my digital print t-shirts for spring summer shoots.  This needs to be on-going.  Tick list required along with time frames, always good and very satisfying I find. 

I have been creating my own magazine that will hopefully be my piece for the exhibition.  Learning how to use a new piece of software, InDesign, is so gratifying.  Last night I was working on it until 2am, which for some creatives is not a big deal but for me it was a huge leap in the right direction.  A true testiment to my creativity or more likely, my OCD of not being able to sleep until I had achieved a specific goal.  Either way there is progress and I feel much better about things. Just more reaching out required and frequently.  Nothing will happen unless I drive it to happen.  I have a week off from school so I can focus on achieving some real targets. 

Also, talking to my friend and her partner was really helpful.  He has his own online magazine where we discussed content, keywords and analytics, to mention a few.  This cemented the need for me to also meet other creatives who are doing the same thing or similar.  Even on a basic level, just following other bloggers who are entrepreneurs like me and vice versa would be a great step in the right direction.  This is key.  Whilst social media is good I need traffic to my website and people actively purchasing my goods.  Exposure in the right context is important so people 1, are aware of my brand and the concept and 2, a desire to buy an item due to somebody wearing it or it being featured in a a magazine is of vital importance.  

Maybe I am wrong but I really feel like I am on to something.  With the media world becoming more conscious of representations of women of colour, size etc . I really believe the USP of my brand being about women of colour and using fabric as a canvas to feature this is somewhat niche.  That is coupling these two concepts together.  Many artists and now designers have and are continuing to use the surface of fabric to make statements, do not get me wrong, I know I am not a pioneer in that sense.  But there is a trend happening.  I notice more articles and people discussing the need for fairer more equal representation of women and ethnicity is a key topic.  

But something is still missing.  Where are the Indian women?  They are absent from covers and fashion shoots.  Which is ridiculous given the history of the UK with India and immigration post Second World War.  This year marks the 70th year of India's independence from the UK.  A celebratory year marking the cultural history of both countries are on the agenda.  So let's celebrate by acknowledging that women that from an Indian background are members of this society.  Along with other women of colour, where are the South East Asian women?  South American women, women from Africa and the Caribbean?  Whilst there are more it is not enough.  

Why is it so difficult to change things?  Why a magazine cannot just go for it and be revolutionary is beyond me?  Are they too concerned that the 'usual' customers will not buy it?  Must be, capitalism is a powerful thing as is imperialism.  But it is too early to get political, or is it? 

What I will end on is that I feel something is changing for the positive.  There is change afoot.  Maintaining focus on this and exerting a positive push in the right direction is key.  Both for my brand and for women of colour.  

The finale is this, a preview of the cover of my magazine, not yet finished.  I am thinking of the images I want to put on, I have some ideas.  Something linear, abstract maybe?  It is titled, Front Cover, because every women should grace the front covers of all magazines in a celebratory fashion.  

Tania Swift