National Art Day x Fashion Collide

Today is National Art Day and whilst this is a new hashtag day for me I am pleased there is a day to celebrate creativity.

Being creative feels like a luxury at times and one I am happy to immerse myself within. But it has also got me thinking about how my own creativity has always centred around the boundaries between art and fashion and how these worlds collide.


Art has many platforms, to inform; entertain, look aesthetically pleasing or to show off. Some artists live and breath their work; two that spring to mind are Henri Matisse who pushed the boundaries of what art could be even confined to his bed where he made his paper cuts. And Yoyoi Kusama who leaves the institution she lives at to go to her studio everyday to paint, painting is like her oxygen, without it she would not live. I admire their dedication, it’s nothing but inspiring.


Reflecting on my own inspiration for my brand and how I am moving the new pieces forward, I am excited for the art work to be digitally printed onto sweatshirts and T-shirts. However, at the moment I am refining them and playing about with a couple more ideas before committing to a specific deadline. This is the other luxury I have, I make my own deadlines based on the final pieces being perfect aesthetically.

So, the new collection is focused on appropriation. The idea of taking something and subverting it, making it your own. For the longest time I have been fascinated with fashion magazines and the adverts contained within them. Page after page of be this, wear that, you will be better for it, are some of the subliminal messages we are absorbing subconsciously.


So I decided to take these pages and subvert the brand name and send out a positive message coupled with the model (a woman of colour) whose face I have drawn thus making her a piece of art to be admired and appreciated as opposed to being just a clothes hanger.

They are still works in progress but here they are so far. What do you think?