Reflection time

So three weeks of market stall trader dedication in the cold has gone by.  Still nothing has sold, which is making me really reflect on why, what needs to change and how I can make a sale.

Luckily I have a great partner, who supports me on a weekly basis and friends who give me honest feedback on how I can improve.  At the moment, I am open to as many ideas as possible as I need to grow and think objectively about my brand and overall concept.  Am I being obvious?  Is the message obvious?  What makes me unique to other designers?  Why should people want to buy a Tania Swift t-shirt?  Same questions, just another day.

People who visit the market stall are intrigued by the brand and ask about it.  But due to the lack of sales I wonder if the price points are not to their liking or if it's the wrong day or time in the month?  Which makes me question if I am in the correct location.  I live in hope that the Christmas purchases will happen soon but you never know.  So I am not limiting myself to just this market but looking to trade at other ones, namely Christmas Fairs around Hackney, to utilise the present-buying season.  I have contacted two that I will be taking part in in December at various locations, dates to be confirmed soon.  

So reviewing the market stall, the following changes are going to be made, in no particular order:

- Make the concept more obvious by using imagery 

- Have a strap line

- Add pricing 

- Showcase the names of the t-shirts

- Expand the garment range to screen printed sweatshirts

- Get much warmer clothing!!! (for myself)

Anyway, like usual here are some images of the market stall to date.


The next step will be to screen print onto some sweatshirts as it is a bit chilly for t-shirts. The Abstract Asian t-shirt is the most popular print in terms of sales and overall comments made on how much it is liked.  So this, along with the Maya print, which will also be simplified to just black lines to echo Abstract Asian, will be the next expansion to the Tania Swift range.  Hopefully these will be ready by next week Sunday for trading.

Tania Swift