Spinning Many Plates

Being an entrepreneur is exciting but there are so many aspects to consider. 


Last week I attended a short course at the London College of Fashion (part of the University of the Arts London) to learn in more detail about manufacturing and production when designing your own label. I knew the basics but felt unsure on some aspects.  It was very informative and gave me a lot of helpful guidance and confidence, especially regarding the processes and professional jargon required when discussing garment construction. In addition, I have a bank of new websites to research and contacts that will aid me on my quest of becoming a better, more successful business entrepreneur.

Update time.  The t-shirts are currently in Wales having had the labels sewn in by my friend's Mum, amazing.   Whilst I am waiting for them to be delivered I am organising the ecommerce aspect of the website so I can get the t-shirt images uploaded as soon as possible ready for selling!  Getting that right is so important, so I'm going to write the descriptions to double check the content is consumer friendly. Last but not least, checking in on the finances.  Costing has to be the most scary element of any business and making sure money is being spent wisely so it can keep growing and be prosperous.

My intention has always been to sell via my website direct to the consumer to reduce costs.  It seems that this is the best approach because the mark up and profit the stores make is pretty big and not beneficial to the designer.  And with the way social media is growing and peoples spending habits changing, it is the obvious choice.  I just have to make sure I get the marketing right to drive up my SEO.

I am also starting to think about the next designs. If I keep developing new patterns for the BME range or start the next one, which are going to be called "Free Expresssions", which coincidentally link with up and coming SS season 2017 in terms of texture. Maybe brand consistency is key until it's fully established. Thinking out loud now!!!

So to finalise, here's an image of my amazing friend Jules, modelling one of the t-shirts, still to be named. 

Copyright © 2016 TaniaSwiftLtd, All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2016 TaniaSwiftLtd, All rights reserved.

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