Autumnal Concepts - Finalising the Designs

Time does fly when you are having designing fun.

It feels like only yesterday when I was conceptualising the designs ideas for the spring / summer collections and here we are with the nights drawing in and the need for an additional comforting layer.

The designs for this autumn collection will be a variety of texts that are central to my brand and its core values, which are:







We Are Here


Usually, I like to combine image with text to really play about with visual language and the notion of narrative. However this time I really like the idea of it just being text because I did not want to just adorn the surface of the garment with text in a simple way, I wanted to create a visual piece that not only drew the viewer in but questioned the idea of the concept behind the design.

I have my own rationale as to why I have created the pieces this way but I will let you decide for yourself why this is the case.


The designs are in their infancy at the moment but I am happy with the direction they are going in. I just need to consider the text placement and colour so they are visually striking and aesthetically pleasing especially as they are going to be be on black sweatshirts and hoodies this time, a colour I have yet to explore as a base layer.


I will be keeping to my newly discovered brand Continental, who have a range called Earth Positive where they are ethically produced with a fair wage promise and utilise green energy, which is perfect for trying to not further negatively impact on the environment with over producing stock aimlessly. And with its print on demand facility, this reinforces the overall message of buying in a meaningful way that is built to last as opposed to cheap fast fashion.