Art Practice Reflections

Recently I rejigged my website and one of my social media accounts, which got me thinking.

At university whilst doing my BA in Fine Art I was inspired by the notion of challenging the boundaries of the where art and fashion could be, could coincide.  It is strange that given all of my adventures I have almost ended up full circle expressing this very same concept.  The content of my art work has changed but there are some linking themes still such as the aforementioned one and using clothing as a canvas.  Back then it was more text based as opposed to the visual aesthetic I explore now.  

Another experimental idea I created with photography was to digitally manipulate them into the style of a magazine.  But it was deconstructed and pinned to the wall inspired by the likes of Wolfgang Tillmans, who's work I still really love.  I have recently started to create a 'lookbook', which is really exciting as I get to explore and experiment with a similar concept and aesthetic again but with real intention this time.   

Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition. I really love the haphazard placement of his photographs, which I took direct inspiration from as a degree student.

Wolfgang Tillmans exhibition. I really love the haphazard placement of his photographs, which I took direct inspiration from as a degree student.

Reflecting on this has made me realise that I had never really exhausted this idea, which is why it has been bubbling under the surface for so long.  I am pleased I get to challenge myself and push this concept forward once again.  

I am due to participate in an artist teacher exhibition early next year. Dates to be announced nearer the time. So I have been thinking about how I utilise this opportunity to create new or build upon existing work?  How do I use this as a experimental platform to test this concept of two worlds coexisting? And how do I move forward to approach other spaces to showcase my work / ideas / products etc? 

I am once again feeling genuinely excited about all of the avenues I could explore and potentially create for my brand both in an artistic way but embracing the fashion world too.

The next stages are going to be to approach existing artists who create these worlds to see if they can offer any advice.  Also explore my borough, which is Hackney, to see where there are potential spaces to exhibit, have a pop up shop, ideally the two.  Along side everything else that comes with that, PR, can not shy away from that sadly.  But it is about being creative about how that is done... I am off to don my thinking cap!!!! 

On another note, my friend bought me this book, which has been fantastic in terms of reigniting my enthusiasm for research and affirming some work that needs to be done.  Namely getting an accountant. I have been recommended one who I need to contact but a couple more is always useful to compare and contrast.  So if you can recommend anyone let me know as some things definitely need delegating. 

Not a boring read, thankfully!  

Not a boring read, thankfully!  

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for reading and sharing my blog x 

Tania Swift