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Small Movements

This week has been somewhat slow but with little footsteps here and there.  

I have heard from a couple of the Zines I had contacted and they are interested in me contributing so that is great. I have started to pen some ideas and sought inspiration from the previous articles I wrote for my magazine, which was helpful. 

I still need to sort out the list of magazines and stylists I want to contact. Time just flies and before you know it is Monday again. Last week was tough as my fatigue was at an all time high.  

The most annoying thing is getting an email from Companies House wanting me to submit my returns again. Honestly speaking there is nothing to submit as I have been concentrating on building the brand in different ways so the online presence is more known. This is the hard part. But accountants cost money so that will be another £500+ for  what? I need to contact them to find out if the company can be put on hold as I’m selling but not enough to cover those types of costs. Oh to win the lottery. Hummmm need to have more realistic dreams. 

Anyway, today will be a mixture of eating, resting, writing and submitting requests to attend free workshops.  

Instagram is so good, bits and bobs just keep popping up I just need to be discerning and remember my mission, which is to carve a more exposure and recognition for the brand. And keeping true to why I started the business, to help shed some more light on equality and diversity in fashion, the art world and any other areas that are fitting. 

Anyway other than that I have been having fun on my drawing tablet and playing about with written statements 


And researching more digital techniques by way of this great book. I am hoping to learn a lot more about the industry as a whole for the future.