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Solution Focused Experiments

Since being back off holiday I have been trying hard to focus on updating my website i.e. Changing the layout, I have mentioned this previously. Well it started off ok but my computer is so slow and then I managed to unlink products, so clicking through on a product took you elsewhere or the page was not available. It was so frustrating to the point of turmoil. My obsessive nature made me persist but my brain was on rapid shutdown. However being stubborn helped as I managed to sort most of it out, just a few tweaks here and there are outstanding. The main issue now is whether to publish it now or wait for the new photos? Dilemma. I will come to a decision at some point. 

In the mean time I have printed a couple more sweatshirts. Being back in the print studio was the tonic I needed and reaffirmed that I am much more practical minded rather than the sitting and staring at the computer kind. Need someone to do all of this 'stuff' for me at some point. It kills my creative thread. But at this stage of the game I need to just swallow the challenge and get over the hurdle. So balance is key. Do the not so 'fun' elements of the business first and rewards myself with the artistic outlet after. 


One off piece, which is being prepped for my label to be sewn in. 

I went to one of my favourite bookshops to see if they had American Vogue in stock yet. A rather ambitious hope. Obviously they didn't so I bought the UK issue instead and a thought struck me. How would they compare? Aside from volumn, that is the number of pages, I am wondering if one will differ significantly in terms of their representation of women of colour. Will one be more proportionate and equal than its counterpart? Time will tell but so far the British one is looking pretty promising.  

So my hope is that I will do a limited edition piece that will be an illustration of the women of colour shown from both magazines. I have a vision in my head I just need to get drawing and see what happens.  

I am also playing about with the mistakes that happen. With screen printing you can never fully control the output but that is the beauty of it I believe. Recently I accidentally forgot to stretch the sweatshirt properly so the print was disconnected at the bottom. At first I was annoyed with myself for rushing and not prepping properly but then it allowed me to think of a solution, which was to add a boarder. Hence the one off sweatshirt above. With a small print run this is ok and can allow for individual outcomes, maybe on a larger scale not so. We will see as it might be fun to have a small subsection that has more of an individual aesthetic to it especially for people who like one of a kind pieces. 

Another mistake that has got me thinking was a misprint on an off cut piece of sweatshirt jersey. I just sat looking at it and started to think about collage. Could it be layered up or would it be better as a single on the sweatshirt? I want to use different coloured threads too to offset the visual impact. We will see what the outcome is.  


Off centre - note to self, line up properly  


Relayer the pieces for a different collage effect? 


As a single centre placed image? Maybe too small? Could extend the lines like I did the painting for the exhibition? 


Who knows at this stage. I will experiment and see what strikes a cord.  

Anyway on with creating a collage and then some drawings for a possible t-shirt print or two.