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Pushing Beyond My Comfort Zone - New T-Shirt Designs

As the title suggests, I am trying to go beyond my comfort zone and push my creative boundaries. 

Not only do I want to experiment and push my visual creativity but I also want to give the customer more choice in what they can wear. Variety is the spice of life after all. 

Initially I decided I would have three categories to work within: 

- my new slogan


- single and layered linear drawings and  


- single images that are either drawings or mixed media mono prints.  


But me being me, I was not satisfied and the ideas started to grow where I also wanted to have another category that was more playful, more spontaneous and collage like.  


So utilising September Vogue (British edition) I did some quick sketches of WoC and scanned them in to my computer. Here I experimented with text, colour and collage to see which ones were more visually striking. 

The trouble is my taste is specific to me so who knows what others think? So I am thinking of various strategies and ways I can market the designs on my website to gauge which designs should be sampled. 

But moreover, I really want to create a range of designs that I am very proud of and that allow for me to combine my love of art and fashion. I really want fabric to be a canvas to explore diversity and representation of various women of colour. 

More room for exploration and really pushing my boundaries more so I think - waiting for that ‘that’s it’ moment. What do you think? Any preferences?  

Plan of action is to keep pushing the sales on the old collection, still £35 down from £50 with free P&P - bargain. Seek funding options for the new samples and just keep creating...

From Vogue to Collage

I cannot recall the time when Vogue became the source of inspiration but every year the September issue from America takes presidence on my dressing table. 


Flicking through the pages, it became apparent that the representation of women of colour is minimal. And that the fashion industry is still perpetuating their version of the beauty ideal. The western ideal.

This inspired a series of collages where I took all the pages from Vogue featuring women of colour on them in various compositions, experimenting with different layers and sizes to see what would happen in terms of being a springboard for something else. 


It was freeing because there were no rules to follow. I did not create any. I wanted to see what would happen and if any ideas would be ignited though this  experiment. Coupling this with text to add to the narrative element.   

However, when I had finished them I felt that there was something missing...