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Collusion of the Digital World and Painted Expressions

are becoming more and more common in  my experimental outcomes; and I am loving the process. 


The beauty with digitized work is that you can delete it immediately if you do not like something. With paint you have to wait for it to dry before making any changes, which can be very laborious and time consuming.  So this process allows me to switch things up quickly. 

Plus it helps my impulsive nature.  

Nothing much to add, so here are some examples of what I have been playing with...  time to reflect but time to keep making ~ this is key. 

Art Processes No 3 - Time for Change

This will be a quick post as I’m in the midst of drawing but acutely aware that I did not blog last week - blame the bank holiday weekend.


In a nutshell, to summarise the last few weeks antics, I decided to utilise the ‘promote’ feature that has appeared on my instagram page to drive more traffic to my website. It did not change anything significantly but that may be to do with my promotion. I plan to do another one at the end of May to factor in the bank holiday and compare the analytics.


As previously stated I have started some new drawings. Namely to experiment with for potential new designs for t-shirts. They are in the super early stages as I am trying different techniques to see which aesthetic works. I conducted some polls on instagram recently, not the best way to gather imperial data or market research I know but I wanted to get a gist of what people liked. 


Aside from the drawings I am considering reaching out to online shops that feature a variety of designers / brands to see if they are a viable option for my garments to feature.

It is all about the money. Time to look at other funding opportunities too, more seriously this time!!!