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As Autumn Approaches Reinvent your Style

As autumn starts to reveal its presence with cooler evenings and leaves on the street, I am motivated from feeling the rays of sun on my skin and other T-shirt designers releasing autumn collections still.

Switching up your style is a great opportunity to mix and match your summer wardrobe with autumnal layers to add not only warmth but with a little twist of pattern or colour here and there.

Long sleeved T-shirt tops work incredibly well underneath as do polo necks. The flexibility that a T-shirt offers is great as they can be dressed up or down and layer up really well; especially if the oversized look is your thing.


This striped dress underneath, the MIA T-shirt, adds a colourful contrast in pattern and texture, which works really well against the monochrome t-shirt illustration. It is both practical and stylish serving a look for both a day time and night time event. Paired with the right jacket, a belt and some heels it can work equally well with trousers or a skirt. For men, chino’s or tailored trousers and a great part of trainers with a contrasting jacket would really elevate this tee.


Girl with Black Sunglasses is a very versatile t-shirt, worn out over a skirt here and layered with a colourful turtle neck allows your focus to be drawn to the design. However paired with a pair of heels and tucked in to a faux leather skirt, it can easily be elevated to a more suitable evening look. As these t-shirts are unisex despite being styled on women, men can utilise their wardrobe to fit this tee depending on where they will wear it, at work maybe or for a fun evening with friends sipping a cocktail or two.


With a splash of colour, it is easy to create a look pairing this tee with pale blue skirt or a pair of trousers. Maybe you keep to a black and white palette and accent your look with the accessories you choose, such as your shoes, a jacket or hat. Either way, this t-shirt has a lot to say so allow it to be viewed.

All of the t-shirts are available to view via my look book, head over to the website link below for more inspiration ->

Reflecting on the Last Look Book and Thinking About the Second

The last two weeks has been really interesting, meeting stylists and discussing my ideas with them. Seeing if we are on the same page, visualising the collection in the same way and questionning if they understand the vision of the brand.


The feedback has been positive alongside constructive criticism in terms of the looks I presented and ideas for the shoot; some really made sense, which reinforced the importance of working with a stylist in terms of what they can bring to the table both conceptually and practically. 

I think the biggest thing for me is the sense of creative discussion and bouncing ideas off one another but more importantly; collaboration.  


I am really excited about working with new people and allowing for the brand to be developed in a variety of new ways especially as they will bring a range of experiences with them thus educating me in the process.

Developing in this way is important to me as I like learning; knowledge is power after all or more importantly empowering. I am still a complete novice but want my passion project to have a real opportunity to be successful in one way or another. 

The definition of success is yet to be determined.

So, moving forward, I hope to make a decision by the end of the week because I want to book the studio and photographer to keep the momentum going. 

Watch this space... 

Team Seeking Time - Second Collection

The past couple of weeks have been solely focused on making links with people who can help me on my second shoot.


I am looking forward to building a small team, not only because I want to share my vision with them but I am hoping there will be a creative buzz leading up to and after the shoot. If the last shoot taught me anything, it was that the preparation and the day on location was so inspiring and motivating. 


But it wasn’t without a lot of preparation leading up to the day. However, this side of things I really enjoy as it’s another creative outlet for me, in addition to the drawings for the t-shirts. Like styling the looks, seeking out the locations and what I wanted to happen in each space, the sequences and so on.

This time, however, I need to challenge myself as this shoot will be in a studio. What is the overall aesthetic, how will the models be paired together? How do I maximise the amount of shots utlitising the range? 

So on to the next focus - team seeking, I have advertised on various spaces for a: 

- female photographer  

- stylist and  

-  models who identify as women of colour. Although I am thinking about male models too as I want to branch out and visually show the t-shirts are unisex. 


In response to the adverts, the next couple of weeks will be used to meet with people who have expressed their interest in helping me.  The purpose of the meeting is to see if we are on the same page and they understand my creative vision but ultimately, can we work together? 


In conjunction with responding to emails I have been putting together some mood boards to convey my ideas and what I want to portray, namely female empowerment and positively showcasing women of colour.


This weeks plan it to keep collecting and finding inspiration  for the spring / summer 19 trends and incorporating those ideas with the styling of the shoot. I really like pattern clashes, layers with tulle and bright bold colours. Lets see what what the stylists ideas are.

Exciting times ahead.