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Reflective Narratives

The business of fashion is very complex.

Getting the brand ethos right, the garments and how you align yourself in the grand scheme of things ie the fashion world is a lot harder than I had anticipated. 


Reflecting on the brand and making changes today has led to a larger overall idea. One final push with the current collection due to the spring summer season being upon us. 

Hopefully this will in turn generate funds for a new collection. One that is more refined.  


Some changes have been made to the name of a couple of t-shirts to make the narrative stronger. Each garment has a story behind it, which I hope to convey in the next couple of months.  

So back to the research drawing board, to the funding options and contacting micro-influencers.  

And in terms of the larger reflective concepts behind what I am trying to achieve is the 'ripple effect', a shift into peoples social conscience, to talk and debate about diversity and representation, why visibility matters and why everybody should champion it.

When Things Seem Down the Only Way to Look is Up

So I tend to err on the side of optimism but there are times when you can’t help feel disheartened. 

I did sell some garments at the East London Urban Makers pop-up but not enough to break even, which is always disappointing.  

However rather than fall down in to the proverbial sea of pity I decided to focus on being solution focussed and think about the way I need to move forward. I did allow for a bit of sadness though, it is always good to give space to every emotion. 

What needs to happen is - me. I need to get seriously focused instead of resting on my laurels and thinking things will come to me. They are not and why would they? Business takes work and I need to stop cruising. Focus on my mission of reaching out.  

Easter is on the horizon so there are no excuses.  


So the next exciting thing is happening this Saturday. Another pop-up event in Hoxton, so keeping it East but with a different crowd potentially?

Tickets are available via Event Bright... bottomless prossecco brunch and supporting us female entrepreneurs would be amazingly appreciated. 

Hope to see you there  -> Number 177,

177 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PJ