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A Change of Direction

So moving forward. How do I do this? What have I learnt from before? 

Not holding a lot of stock is one. There is a lot of money in stock and if it is not being sold as fast as you would hope it is like a bank you cannot get your money from.  


As a result I am thinking about experimenting with my drawings and playing about with the composition on the t-shirt.  Along with text. 

I really want the art factor to shine through here.  

The visualisations I have included in this blog is as far as I have got due to scanning in the images today. But I want to experiment a lot more with other ideas I have - there are many. 


Moving forward, I like the idea of having one t-shirt printed in the various different compositions I like, having a photo shoot for the website and PR purposes and if people want to buy them, they can be made to order. Which will be super cheap for me and much more sustainable by alleviating the financial pressure. 


Also I can drop imagery / visuals slowly at a time to build up a campaign and showcase different styles and colour ways so I do not bore people with the same imagery - I suspect this may be the case now. 

And I really want to keep fresh and push forward by creativity but also allow for variety for consumers. Then I build up my collections slowly over time, which is more manageable for me too. 

Now back to work!