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Art Processes No 2 - Evolution of the Mono Print

Instinct plays a powerful part in decision making as an artist. Is the art work complete? How do you know? Sometimes you just do. Maybe it is the aesthetic, maybe it was the final touch of paint that brought the piece alive.  

In this case it was the magic of digital manipulation.  


The linear quality from the mono print was really appealing both aesthetically and texturally and I kept thinking about how the lines could be extended. This in turn led to me manipulating the image in photoshop experimenting with rotation, mirroring and layering. 


Visually the piece was evolving into one that was abstract but with enough intrigue to draw the viewer in, question who the figures were? What was the meaning behind the piece?


Well that is what I hoped for. 

I felt the middle design was the best piece, still abstract but not too ‘noisey’ In terms of repetition and placement on the t-shirt being the most visually impactful.

The quality and texture of the mono print was not lost, which I loved as this maintained the artistic quality I was seeking. 


This was the final design, which I felt maintained the core values of the brand in terms of inclusivity and showcasing diversity whilst being artistic at the same time.

I hope you agree? 

Art Procesess ~ No 1

As someone who is creative dare I say an artist, it is hard to know when you have made something that is worthy of being defined as ‘art’.  


Duchamp is famous for saying that we as artists define the art work no one else. But maybe he could at his time coupled with his reputation?  

For me the collages were lacking something. They seemed too obvious. I wanted there to be more intrigue and maybe more of a process.


Thinking back to even my art foundation days, there had always been a variety of processes that incorporated different techniques with a lot of trial and error. Experimenting was always fun and intriguing as I like the element of surprise. 


Which brought me to one of my favourite print making techniques - mono printing. There being a lack of control was equally exciting and frustrating in equal measure. But sometimes happy accidents occur and thats what inspired the next stages. 

These prints slightly differ in terms of their techniques. The first one used the traditional approach of rolling out the ink on to a plate. Whereas the second one used carbon paper, which was much less messier but lacked some of the aesthetic that comes from previous method. 

However there is never any guarantee, as you can see from the third print. But that’s the artistic journey or trial and error.