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More Reaching out ~ Ouch!

This post is going to be short and sweet as I need to go back to my list of potential contacts who may be able to help me raise the profile of my brand.  

But more importantly inspire traffic to my website where sales are generated. 

I believe people need to see the value in the brand and maybe the narrative is not enough or maybe it is but it needs validation from someone who also believes it???  

I need to keep remembering why I started this brand. It is a lonely path by myself. Exposure is key. As is the platform. Keep focussed. 


Anyway, good news. The Urban Makers East have had their rental agreement extended for a week so that’s good news.

I checked today to see if I had sold any garments and there have been some garments sold, which I am happy about, fingers crossed for more.

She has company  

She has company  

Sticker PR has begun, go away cold weather so I can do some more. 

Sticker PR has begun, go away cold weather so I can do some more. 

Small baby steps but each little step counts...

Utilising Social Media

This post / story / blog is going to be short and sweet as I am super tired for various reasons. 

Some missions have been achieved this week, to date: 

- I have sent off an article to a zine, discussing identity including my own, hopefully it will be good enough for the printed copy. I will not say anymore at this stage in case it doesn’t but fingers crossed, as always. 

- A few alterations to the website have been made that were suggested from my PR meeting last week; such as the social media buttons being put in order of priority. I have change the social media handles to replicate one another for consistency and so it is easier to remember. I wanted them all to be Tania Swift Fashion but Twitter has a limited character count so I opted for Tania Swift Ldn instead, which is fine.

- Also, I have added the lookbook and compressed it. I didn’t realise how big it was until I wanted to add it to the website, it was nearly 70mb, 20 is the limit. Luckily the web has many options to help as the preview compression option was rubbish and rendered the quality useless. Now it is all fine and on the lookbook page as an additional file should anyway wish to peruse it in that format. It has a completely different feel to the page contentent, which I think is an interesting contrast and showcases another professional stance, well in my opinion it does. Some may say it is overkill but it doesn’t take up space and is a click option should someone want to view it. 

- Being more focused on the social media platforms has been a key focal point this week too. Trying to use each one as intended rather than pushing it all through from one to the other. It is interesting how people respond and become more interactive with you once you tweak things. It is hard to not become obsessive though, checking to see if there has been any interaction. Another thing, whilst we are on the subject of obsessiveness, Squarespace have changed the analytics on their phone app and it shows who has engaged in my website, where they are located and the pages they’ve viewed. For some people that is weird but for me it is facinating as it truly shows where people are engaging with the brand and the site as a whole. It is encouraging. Little things keep you going when you are solo. 

- Another challenge I set myself was to move out of my comfort zone by attending a networking event. I had to do an elevator pitch for 30 seconds introducing myself and the brand, which was pretty nerve wracking but with some prior bullet points I think I did well. Then speaking with other business owners afterwards was good because you get to share your experiences and woes but also give each other sound advice. Hopefully more will come from that so watch this space. 

- I sent off some art work to another zine today, which again I hope will be approved and feature in the next zine. Again I am excited for the opportunity to both be involved in another space but to also showcase the brand in another advertising capacity. 


- Aside from that, I have compiled my email to send with the lookbook, I just want to get some final bits of advice before I do so to check the tone is correct and not too long, as is always the case with me. When that is done I will be sending it out this week hopefully to various magazines and stylists. 

- The only thing is to thing of a Christmas promotion and if it is worth getting involved with a market here or there. Food for thought this week, I did some initial research I need to check costs as it can become quite pricey.  

- The absolute final mission is to buy a calendar so I can plot out my narrative / story telling in more detail. I know I can use ical but I’m an old fashioned girl and like to look at reminders on my wall as it gives me a real sense of achievement when it is ticked off, an element that is absent from technology and honestly my phone is too consuming sometimes so I’m thankful for the separation sometimes - sounds so dramatic. 

Anyway in true fashion I have written way more than what I had initially intended but maybe it is a good sign of positive activity. Let’s hope the momentum continues. 

PR Time

Over the past week I have been compiling a list of stylists and fashion magazines I would like to send my lookbook too. The hope is that they would either be interested in including one of the t-shirts and or sweatshirts in a fashion shoot or a feature of some sort that focuses on ethnic diversity, for example. 

Over the weekend I met someone who works in fashion marketing where we had a quick conversation about influencers and the route in which to contact them. However it does not come without some hurdles in terms of expectations and possible demands. But we will follow up so we can compare notes and look at options in more depth. 

Today I met with a couple of people. The first one specialises in PR, which was great to get some advice on how to move the brand forward. Lots of tips and ways in which to raise the profile and utilise different platforms to gain more supporters. Also we spoke at length about me and the reason behind the brand, what was the inspiration and how my heritage influenced it. Along with the continuing lack of Indian or mixed heritage women being present in the media world is still a problem. So that is part of the new focus, creating narrative. Being true to me and the brand. The visuals of the brand will be more relevant to me. And I hope to create a community of followers who understand and share the same experiences. And hopefully collaborate too, that would be great fun. 

Then I met with another lady, Gabriella, who has created a zine called Authorrising. This zine focuses on women of colour specifically mixed race women. However this term is challenged due to the failure in it being recognised in equal cultural terms and how some people only ‘see’ one ethinicity as opposed to the two or moreover creating hierarchy with one over the other and as a result inflicting more unease.

It was really good to sit down and talk to someone from mixed cultural heritage and hear her story and the ways in which she has been treated. Along with trials and tribulations of growing up and how identity feeds in to your adulthood. But also how she created her zine and ways in which she built up her followers, reached out to people. A lot of great advice from her on the PR front too.

So I felt very inspired after leaving her, which coupled with today’s conversation with Ira, (from PR) has been a very fruitful and reflective day. The plan is for me to feature in her Zine as an advertisement but much more visually than the last one in gal-dem, which showed the t-shirt. In this one she would like to showcase the artwork more, which is fine by me as the brand will be there along with all my social media handles.  

So tomorrow I will buy a calendar and work out a strategy on how my narrative will unfold. I need to complete and article that needs to be submitted soon along with sending over my artwork to Gabriella. Other than that I will start reading the zines I have collected over time on my commute to work to inspire me in my own writing. 

Time to get organised.  


The new (Zines) versus the familiar (Vogue) 

The new (Zines) versus the familiar (Vogue)