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Collusion of the Digital World and Painted Expressions

are becoming more and more common in  my experimental outcomes; and I am loving the process. 


The beauty with digitized work is that you can delete it immediately if you do not like something. With paint you have to wait for it to dry before making any changes, which can be very laborious and time consuming.  So this process allows me to switch things up quickly. 

Plus it helps my impulsive nature.  

Nothing much to add, so here are some examples of what I have been playing with...  time to reflect but time to keep making ~ this is key. 

Gallery Inspiration

Oh joyous bank holiday weekend how appreciative I am of you.  

Friends and I, inspired by Timeout Magazine, went on a free art adventure of central London.  First stop was Matt Collishaw at Blain Southern gallery.  What a beautiful show titled 'The Centrifugal Soul'. Works compiled of projections, paintings and installation utilising light to illuminate the pieces in various ways.  

Albion, 2017

Albion, 2017


The Centrifugal Soul, 2016


Gasconades (Cayman S), 2017

Such a beautiful and impressive show. Exploring themes of beauty, illusion, evolution and our need for visual competition and self promotion. A very apt concept given our selfie culture and validation seeking via social media.  

Then onto Sadie Coles where Jordan Wolfson's sculptures were being shown. Very different themes are being explored here. Sculptures link to fairytales questioning the representation of women in them and the usual cliches. 


House with Face, 2017

Whereas the other piece lays propped against the floor and is curious as well as disturbing. The expression on the face of what looks like an evil doll is that, evil. Very creepy and reminiscent of characters from films like 'Chucky'.  


Black Sculpture, 2017


The finale was Annette Messager at Marion Goodman gallery. Wow what an impressive show and space. So much work that explored many themes of sexuality, ownership, gender, religion and representation, to mention a few. There were so many mediums that created a visual delight for us as the viewer to engage with. 


Daily, 2016


Title unknown  


Title unknown  


Titles unknown


La Mer de seins, 2016


Watch the video on my Instagram page.  


The shows collectively were brilliant in their own way. So many concepts and works that explored contemporary themes that took references from old and new sources of inspiration. And all of this for free. Brilliant. I love London.