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More Photoshoot Research

Today I have been creating a basic timeline thinking about when I would like to do the photoshoot and the logistics around it. I love lists so that was the easy part. Now The focus is on who would like to / can help me by participating in the shoot from being the stylist to photographer and of course the model. 

Some people are definitely on board which is great. Now I need to see if the others are who have expressed an interest and if not, seeking other options. People are busy and it is hard for people to commit particularly if they are doing a favour or 'mates rates'. 

As a result I have researched kickstarter options and would like to replenish my business bank account so there are payment options I can offer people. Although that is dependent on the project being accepted by kickstarter. Fingers crossed. 


Other than that I have still been researching looks for the shoot and started to think about makeup. Red is my favourite colour and I was drawn to the aesthetics above. I need to seek advice from a professional makeup artist to see what they think. Also I need to think about the models and their skin tone as they will be from different ethnicities.

It's fun to think in these ways as it is another outlet for creativity. Sometimes I wish I had been doing this my adult life. Is it ever too late? Anyway back to the practical of planning... 


A timeline has been penned but it is not photo ready at the moment ;)