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Tania Swift - Second Collection Shoot

So here we are, the second collection photoshoot has happened and I am beyond excited. 

I wanted to work with a team as I had been finding it quite isolating working by myself. But equally I still have so much to learn, I was keen to see the process in the lead up to and after the shoot, it is important to grow.

After meeting various stylists I decided to work with an Art Director, who would put together and manage the whole team whilst taking a significant amount of pressure off myself. 

Hiring Sarah was a bold move on my part, (@bonesstudioofficial), but equally an exciting one as she could use her knowledge of the fashion industry and contacts to make my second collection and brand vision come to life. 

A sneak peek from behind the scenes.  

A sneak peek from behind the scenes.  

Sadly I could not be at the photoshoot due to rescheduling, which at first I was really gutted about. But then it enabled me to completely put my trust in the team despite how hard it was with the brand being so close to my heart having been inspired by my mum and her personal journey. But on the flip side, utilising people’s experience helps to ensure that the message is visually strong. 


On the day of the shoot, I was teaching but completely enthralled by the updates I was getting during the day with videos and photos capturing the energy on set. How the t-shirts were styled and how the models looked. They (Bryanna @bryannagold and Rahima @sexy.mutha) were great, their makeup by Maha (@maha.gram) was amazing and of course the photographer, Piers (@piersvernonkell) was fantastic for lending his studio and offering his talent to capture the t-shirts, basically everyone was great. 

I am indebted to the team for their support on this second collection and working for a snippet of what they would usually get paid. Their generosity has allowed me to express not only my creativity but to use fashion as a way of expressing my ideas regarding inclusivity and ethnic representation. Without them I could not have done it and for that I am eternally grateful.  

So what next? I have seen the raw images from the shoot and have selected the ones I like. So they will go back to the photographer for retouching and then we will look at art working the campaign images, sorting the lookbook, updating the website and then on to marketing - PR strategy time, which needs some serious thought.  

But the final thought for now is naming my t-shirts, lots of ideas for them but I want to be true to the artistic element whilst being true to the brand image regarding inclusivity but for now the collection will be know as

We Are Here.  

Second Collection Shoot Pencilled In

A new year and a new focus. I have not blogged in a while as I wanted to say something meaningful as opposed to just writing content for the sake of it. But here we are in January 2019 and it is time to recalibrate, first and foremost, planning for the second collection shoot. 

Yes it is finally going to happen. The date is pencilled in for late February and I am beyond excited. With a new approach, utilising the experience of an Art Director, who will take my vision forward and coordinate everything leading up to and for the day, is a huge sigh of relief for me. 


Whilst planning and preparing the first shoot was thrilling and exhilarating, there are more t-shirts, ten in total, which means more coordination of various elements. So I am happy to have met someone who can take the pressure off me whilst I finalise the t-shirt designs making sure I a completely happy with them. This is my task for today. 

Planning the Second Collection

Planning the second collection is both exciting and daunting. But the more I research the more it helps cement a recent idea I had.  

I wanted the first collection to show strong, empowered women and I want this theme to continue with the second. 

I have been researching existing photoshoots, looking through magazines and my art / fashion books to see what is inspiring. 

Then it struck me.  


This painting by Jenny Saville is called “Propped”. Recently it sold for £9.5 million in auction making her the most expensive female painter in the world. The work is powerful and comments on women being put on a pedestal for the male gaze usually painted by a man, amongst many other things about patriarchy. 


I love Jenny Saville, her work is evocative and powerful and I want to emulate this painting in my photoshoot for the second collection.

If I can I would love a female photographer to maintain the narrative about women and female empowerment. Reinforcing the statement ‘We Are Here’. 


I have emailed a studio, where I await their response. In the mean time I need to search for models and a photographer who understands my mission along with images that reinforce this vision.