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Reflecting on the Last Look Book and Thinking About the Second

The last two weeks has been really interesting, meeting stylists and discussing my ideas with them. Seeing if we are on the same page, visualising the collection in the same way and questionning if they understand the vision of the brand.


The feedback has been positive alongside constructive criticism in terms of the looks I presented and ideas for the shoot; some really made sense, which reinforced the importance of working with a stylist in terms of what they can bring to the table both conceptually and practically. 

I think the biggest thing for me is the sense of creative discussion and bouncing ideas off one another but more importantly; collaboration.  


I am really excited about working with new people and allowing for the brand to be developed in a variety of new ways especially as they will bring a range of experiences with them thus educating me in the process.

Developing in this way is important to me as I like learning; knowledge is power after all or more importantly empowering. I am still a complete novice but want my passion project to have a real opportunity to be successful in one way or another. 

The definition of success is yet to be determined.

So, moving forward, I hope to make a decision by the end of the week because I want to book the studio and photographer to keep the momentum going. 

Watch this space... 

PR Time

Over the past week I have been compiling a list of stylists and fashion magazines I would like to send my lookbook too. The hope is that they would either be interested in including one of the t-shirts and or sweatshirts in a fashion shoot or a feature of some sort that focuses on ethnic diversity, for example. 

Over the weekend I met someone who works in fashion marketing where we had a quick conversation about influencers and the route in which to contact them. However it does not come without some hurdles in terms of expectations and possible demands. But we will follow up so we can compare notes and look at options in more depth. 

Today I met with a couple of people. The first one specialises in PR, which was great to get some advice on how to move the brand forward. Lots of tips and ways in which to raise the profile and utilise different platforms to gain more supporters. Also we spoke at length about me and the reason behind the brand, what was the inspiration and how my heritage influenced it. Along with the continuing lack of Indian or mixed heritage women being present in the media world is still a problem. So that is part of the new focus, creating narrative. Being true to me and the brand. The visuals of the brand will be more relevant to me. And I hope to create a community of followers who understand and share the same experiences. And hopefully collaborate too, that would be great fun. 

Then I met with another lady, Gabriella, who has created a zine called Authorrising. This zine focuses on women of colour specifically mixed race women. However this term is challenged due to the failure in it being recognised in equal cultural terms and how some people only ‘see’ one ethinicity as opposed to the two or moreover creating hierarchy with one over the other and as a result inflicting more unease.

It was really good to sit down and talk to someone from mixed cultural heritage and hear her story and the ways in which she has been treated. Along with trials and tribulations of growing up and how identity feeds in to your adulthood. But also how she created her zine and ways in which she built up her followers, reached out to people. A lot of great advice from her on the PR front too.

So I felt very inspired after leaving her, which coupled with today’s conversation with Ira, (from PR) has been a very fruitful and reflective day. The plan is for me to feature in her Zine as an advertisement but much more visually than the last one in gal-dem, which showed the t-shirt. In this one she would like to showcase the artwork more, which is fine by me as the brand will be there along with all my social media handles.  

So tomorrow I will buy a calendar and work out a strategy on how my narrative will unfold. I need to complete and article that needs to be submitted soon along with sending over my artwork to Gabriella. Other than that I will start reading the zines I have collected over time on my commute to work to inspire me in my own writing. 

Time to get organised.  


The new (Zines) versus the familiar (Vogue) 

The new (Zines) versus the familiar (Vogue) 

More Photoshoot Research

Today I have been creating a basic timeline thinking about when I would like to do the photoshoot and the logistics around it. I love lists so that was the easy part. Now The focus is on who would like to / can help me by participating in the shoot from being the stylist to photographer and of course the model. 

Some people are definitely on board which is great. Now I need to see if the others are who have expressed an interest and if not, seeking other options. People are busy and it is hard for people to commit particularly if they are doing a favour or 'mates rates'. 

As a result I have researched kickstarter options and would like to replenish my business bank account so there are payment options I can offer people. Although that is dependent on the project being accepted by kickstarter. Fingers crossed. 


Other than that I have still been researching looks for the shoot and started to think about makeup. Red is my favourite colour and I was drawn to the aesthetics above. I need to seek advice from a professional makeup artist to see what they think. Also I need to think about the models and their skin tone as they will be from different ethnicities.

It's fun to think in these ways as it is another outlet for creativity. Sometimes I wish I had been doing this my adult life. Is it ever too late? Anyway back to the practical of planning... 


A timeline has been penned but it is not photo ready at the moment ;)