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As Autumn Approaches Reinvent your Style

As autumn starts to reveal its presence with cooler evenings and leaves on the street, I am motivated from feeling the rays of sun on my skin and other T-shirt designers releasing autumn collections still.

Switching up your style is a great opportunity to mix and match your summer wardrobe with autumnal layers to add not only warmth but with a little twist of pattern or colour here and there.

Long sleeved T-shirt tops work incredibly well underneath as do polo necks. The flexibility that a T-shirt offers is great as they can be dressed up or down and layer up really well; especially if the oversized look is your thing.


This striped dress underneath, the MIA T-shirt, adds a colourful contrast in pattern and texture, which works really well against the monochrome t-shirt illustration. It is both practical and stylish serving a look for both a day time and night time event. Paired with the right jacket, a belt and some heels it can work equally well with trousers or a skirt. For men, chino’s or tailored trousers and a great part of trainers with a contrasting jacket would really elevate this tee.


Girl with Black Sunglasses is a very versatile t-shirt, worn out over a skirt here and layered with a colourful turtle neck allows your focus to be drawn to the design. However paired with a pair of heels and tucked in to a faux leather skirt, it can easily be elevated to a more suitable evening look. As these t-shirts are unisex despite being styled on women, men can utilise their wardrobe to fit this tee depending on where they will wear it, at work maybe or for a fun evening with friends sipping a cocktail or two.


With a splash of colour, it is easy to create a look pairing this tee with pale blue skirt or a pair of trousers. Maybe you keep to a black and white palette and accent your look with the accessories you choose, such as your shoes, a jacket or hat. Either way, this t-shirt has a lot to say so allow it to be viewed.

All of the t-shirts are available to view via my look book, head over to the website link below for more inspiration ->

Limited Edition Tie Dye T-shirt Collection

I love tie dye.

I love the patterns you can create from the way the fabric is tied. But the most exciting part is the reveal. How the colours have worked in conjunction with the tying; did it work as intended or are the outcomes completely different.


This element of surprise if very freeing to me and I like the element of being somewhat in control but as you wait for the 24 hours to lapse you never really know what the finished piece will look like until the big reveal. But what is more exciting is that each piece, in this case the T-shirt,is completely unique, never identical to one another.

This inspired me to create my own capsule collection of tie dye T-shirts that allowed me to experiment with colour and add a screen print with my slogan on for a different aesthetic to my designs overall from previous collections. We Are Here, no longer hidden behind the brand message but out there for all to see.


After the printing had been completed I had to plan the fashion shoot. Here I would be the photographer; wishing myself back to my degree days where I fantasised about being a fashion photographer, seeking inspiration from the likes of Corinne Day, The Face amongst many other sources.

The inspiration was my teenage years, 90’s grunge with the backdrop being Brighton. The models both live here so it made sense to shoot down there utilising the beach area and pier.


I can’t thank the models enough, Sheri and Meera, who both did the shoot for free because they are both of mixed heritage and understood what the brand is about, empathising with my personal narrative having experienced many of the same scenarios.

They made the shoot easy and I was so happy with the visual outcomes. They both look amazing and their own personal aesthetic works so well with tie dye tops and overall styling.


Luckily not much touching up was required just adjusting the lighting and saturation. Then to create the campaign images. Flicking through the pages of a few fashion magazines, I borrowed their simplistic compositions with the focus being on the clothes and just simple text.

I think it all works, I hope you like them too.

Consciously Creative x Brand Ethos

The creative process is so important when expressing my ideas which is magnified when coupled with the vision of the brand ethos.

There were so many important elements to consider. The visual aesthetic, developing my own artistic expression and creating a more sustainable approach to the production methods.

Here - Cover Girl

Here - Cover Girl

Arguably the first element was challenging myself to create more pieces that would enable more choice for the consumer but also communicate the message in a clearer way, which is why I incorporated more text in some of the pieces.

I wanted to draw the viewer in, to challenge their perception of what they were initially seeing and for them to exam in more depth the various layers of the narrative. What is this piece representing? What is it about? A bit like you would in an art gallery but here there is no synopsis of the work.


This design was titled ‘Here - Cover Girl’, namely because my work is inspired by models from various ethic backgrounds within Vogue Magazine who rarely grace the covers in comparison to white models. There is definitely a shift in inclusivity and representation but there is still some work to do.

There are personal elements weaved within the piece too, specifically relating to box ticking and knowing how to identify when you come from an ethnic background.


If you are or have read some my of blogs in the past you will be familiar with my family being rather unique with my mum and her siblings born from different ethnic backgrounds and adopted. Which added an additional layer or detachment from any cultural identity let alone ownership of their ethnic background.

This in turn created difficulties around how I identify, even to this day and navigate how people view me. Fortunately this brand has allowed me to talk about these experiences with other mixed race people and express them creatively. Thus expanding on the brand, the visual aesthetic and hopefully people will identify with the art work / fashion design and wear it to either symbolise their own support of the brand based on their own story or want to support the visibility of women of colour - or perhaps both.