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Template Trials

In preparation for the new photoshoot and images that will be produced I am experimenting with a couple of different templates that have more of a magazine aesthetic. The hope is that the landing page will have a scroll effect with different content landing there from other platforms I use, for example, Instagram, to keep it fresh and will hopefully inspire people to come back time  and time again. 

This is mainly because, through analytics, I can see that there is not much movement between people reading the blog and then moving to other spaces within the website. There is no incentive too. Especially if the content is the same. So pushing new content on to the main / home page will encourage visitors to engage more with the products and message behind the brand, I hope.   

Below is a trial collage 'hero' shot for the banner. Which will be replaced with a group shot but at this stage it is good to see a visual in place.  


The issue I am facing is the speed at which I can work. My little MacBook Air only has so much memory and is hating life at the moment. Which in turn impacts on the level of experimentation I can do. I like to work quickly and quite impulsively too, which is frustrating as it inhibits what I can do in a timely fashion. 

Anyway, not to focus on the negative. Keep researching by looking at websites I can draw inspiration from them in terms of various aesthetics. There is a push pull at the moment between being really creative and keeping the look polished and clean to be commercially viable.

So the best way I can do this is to carefully place everything together so it looks well thought out but not too art school like. The creativity will be in amongst the other images so there is not too much going on as it can look too busy if it is all on the same page due to the colour palette I tend to use and the amount of mark making.

That is the beauty of having a lookbook, retail and location shots, they allow for different visuals in different spaces on the website. I fully intend to utilise this as there are so many ideas in my head and I like lots of different looks and ways of representing the garments. Also, I am still very much in the space regarding the boundaries between the art and fashion world being intertwined. I need this as my outlet and self expression not only in a commercial sense but for my sense of creativity and being an artist first and foremost. 

Since I wrote the start of this blog, I switched to another template, which is working much more successfully. Great. Now I am working at a much more desirable speed that feels like real progress is being made. Relief and the functionality of it feels much more intuitive to me, another positive factor as I need to feel competent in being able to create a website that works for both myself and consumers. 

Sigh of relief. Now I am on a roll.  

Below is a sneaky peek of the potential lookbook page below.  The animal print background might be too much but I felt inspired one Sunday to create 'looks' so here they are for now. 


Right so back to writing content and feeling motivated by this splurge of creativity. As any creative person knows, we have to utilise the time whilst it is here as it is not a constant force and not something to be reckoned with either.  

Any tips are greatly welcomed. 

Last but not least, real positive shifts are happening with the fashion and consumer world as a whole. Neelam Gill has been named the face of L'Oreal, which is a major triumph. Amazing for me and my Indian friends who had little to no exposure of women from the same ethnic background being a representative in the main media world. So major congratulations to her on that front.  


And last but not least, Pirelli's new calendar for 2018 has an all black cast of many a notable person, which was shot by Tim Walker. Actors, singers amongst many other talents will grace the pages such as Naomi Campbell, Whoopi Goldberg, Lupita Nyong'O and Sean Coombs. Again, another big shift in terms of representation and people of colour not being the token person but the only choice.


These two campaigns are hugely significant and will hopefully lead the way to more positive representation of people from a variety of differently ethnic backgrounds.