Market Time


Today was my first ever market stall, on Chatsworth Road in Hackney.  I felt really happy with the aesthetic of the stall overall as it was the first time I have presented a visual concept of my merchandise.  Sadly however, I did not sell any t-shirts or prints. Despite this, optimism prevails due to my rationale of it being the penultimate weekend before payday.  Maybe I am convincing myself, but regardless of the reason, it was a good opportunity to show off the t-shirts along with interacting with members of the public. It was also really beneficial to work along side the other traders where they could share their experiences and give me some valuable advice.

So reflection time.  Improvements will be to buy some stall hangers for the t-shirts to be hung up so customers can handle them.  They were folded, which did not seem to appeal to people.  I think they came across as being too tactile and precious to unfold and look at.  What did work was having a mannequin, which really drew people's attention.  So hanging the t-shirts should, in theory entice more people to engage with them overall leading to more conversations about the designs and overall USP. But more importantly sales, I am afterall trying to create a successful business. 

Luckily, Hackney Council support new traders by not charging them for 4 weeks, which is fantastic as it allows business to concentrate on their sales without the pressure of breaking even and paying for a stall.  This also gives me an opportunity to compare different weekends to one another and experiment with layout, how I approach people, if at all necessary, amongst other things.  In addition I will research Christmas fairs and other markets, that are popular, so there is an increase in exposure of the brand. Plus, utilising the Christmas present buying season will be of great benefit as I would like to expand the garment range. 

All in all, a great first time experience and  marketing opportunity with some tweaks to be made.  Along with the purchase of thermals being a must!!! 

Tania Swift