Digital Painting Experiments and Abstraction


Following on from my drawings and t-shirt visualisations, I started experimenting with colour and abstract expressionism. Could they work in conjunction with the drawings or along side them? 


I want the new designs to be vibrant, although I need to test the market. Who knows, people may prefer more simple colour ways, such as black and white; we will see. But the point is about there being choice and ultimately to be a good business woman I need to understand what people want in terms of aesthetic as opposed to my own taste. 


Nothing is finalised but I am enjoying the process of playing about with my drawing pad and seeing where things go. I have also been thinking of a new statement 


We all have them and sometimes we need a space in which to share them, be encouraged to voice our thoughts and in doing so, we may find people we can align ourselves with or at least empathise with. The world needs more kindness I think?  More platforms and more openness without judgement. 

Moving forward, the next step is to see how I can match the colour with some drawings, maybe keep it more linear rather than big blocks of colour. I want them, he drawings, to be more expressive and less figurative in the traditional sense. Need to practice that more. But the more I play about the better everything becomes so I need to practice what I preach. 


Final thought  - an experiment with text in block form rather than free hand? Does it work? What do you think? 

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