Life As An Entrepreneur

Since last weeks post I have sent off the paperwork to the council so I can get my market traders license. Whilst waiting in excitable anticipation, I have screen printed my logo on a large sheet of cotton, which will become the back drop for the stall. The stencil bled a little so I need to tweak the edges by neatening them up before I sew the seams. The market was on today so I went to see how some traders set up and display their items so I can buy any necessary things in advance ready for action!!! 

Aside from that I have been promoting the website more to try and reach more people and inturn inspire more purchases. And I have had fun creating them via a new app that allow me to draw on the photos.  


I have also created my own mini magazine from tearing the pages from a famous fashion publication that have women of colour as models. Whilst it is limited in its quantity of Asian women i.e. no Indian models, there are enough images to inspire new drawings and prints from the others.  So challenging my output and creating images that can be digitally manipulated and visually appealing is my secondary focus at the moment. Especially as I have an idea in my mind about a shirt dress and and a shirt for men. I just need to experiment with the layout, colour and overall pattern. 

My final mission this week is to revisit all my old notes from my research days on how to create good SEO and sales via online marketing, sadly this will be an ongoing blog mention / moan... wish me luck!  

Tania Swift