New Year New Focus

As any business owner does in January, I am embracing the sales with some of my products being on offer at £35 - bargain, if I do say so myself! To promote the sale I have created a Gif for the first time ever, which was fun to do. Especially as I want to experiment with different aesthetics for the brand whilst encompassing my own creativity.  A simple outcome but showcases what is on offer I think? 


Next is to get organised for the exhibition. I am thinking about making a deconstructed magazine that, along side the images, also contains articles that underpin the concept of the art work.  One of the criteria for exhibiting is that the pieces are available to purchase.  So my thoughts are between whether you can buy the entire magazine or a page / print.  When I start creating, time will tell and who knows, the finished pieces may be completely different in its final form.  All I know is that I want to push my creative boundaries.  Learning inDesign may be one of these elements also so the final outcome has a polished, professional look.  We will see, as time is time and with a full time job it can be difficult to balance the two at times. 

Along side this, I cannot forget my obligations to my business and the progression it needs to make.  I physically need to action some of the points I previously made.  Whilst I have done some research and contacted people within the arts or fashion media, nothing has materialised yet.  Which is down to me.  I need to be more proactive in moving things forward and contacting the right people with appropriate and timely follow ups.  So in my studio I will create a timeline in which things need to happen: 


- contact suitable magazines to include t-shirts in their fashion shoots.  

- apply to Brick Lane market to trade there on Sundays.  

- approach some shops to see if they would be interested in sale or returns on my products.  

So now I have written it I have to action it.  This is how I keep myself motivated knowing that it is out there in the public forum and that people will question me on the progress. 

So I better get on and be productive!  

Tania Swift