Motivation v Winter

Winter is winning!!!

To date:

✔I have recently finished the book my friend has bought me about bohemian business people and pencilled relevant sections. 

✔ Contacted one artist regarding advice.

✔ Looked at my to do list about a million times and 

❌ not done anything about it!  

Insert sad face here!  

I am definitely a summer person.  The early morning wake ups in pitch black is a certified mood killer, as is going home in the same conditions.   This has negatively inpacted on my motivation to action anything with true fruition.   Is this usual I am currently wondering?  Do many entrepreneurs face similat hurdles where pep talks are necessary to keep the mind focussed and actively goal seeking?  I truly hope so.  

There any many situations arising that I could utilise.  The month of February being black history month and maybe the tshirts being included in fashion shoots to acknowledge it.  Although the concept itself is a strange one. There being one month to celebrate the whole of the continent and it's history.  

Then there is London fashion week.  Another potential platform to showcase the garments.  But again how do I do this aside from emailing and phoning people?  Is that the only option?  

Maybe I am thinking too much??? I know I feel out of my depth at the moment and that is one of the issues causing a lag.  I just need to get the ball rolling, easier said than done. So, straightens out jacket, looks in the mirror and says "just get on with it". 



Tania Swift