Holidays Really are the Elixir of Life

What a difference a holiday makes. I feel relaxed and like my old self having had a change of scenery, soaked in some culture and embraced the amaziness that Catalunya has to offer.

My friend and I spent five days in Barcelona pounding the pavements seeing the sights and enjoying the pace that the city has to offer. El Ravel was our new 'borough', which I highly recommend. Slower pace with great places to eat flanked by beautiful houses and streets to really set the scene. Of course we embraced the sights and all things Gaudi, where his buildings sparkled majestically in the 30 degree heat. Such a contrast to London. I love this city and the ease at which you can get around and of course the siestas. 

They love a sticker in this city. I'm going to follow suit with my own.  

They love a sticker in this city. I'm going to follow suit with my own.  


Maya outside Sagrada Familia. What a unique vision he had, stunning building.  

However being city girls we needed an even slower pace than what Barcelona had to offer so off we went to a remote village in the mountains where our daily walk consisted of the sounds of cicadas and row upon rows of vineyards, just stunning. 


We ventured out to the nearest town to relax on the beaches of Sitges and do a bit more 'modelling'. This time Pink Drip got an airing in another town called Villanova. 


Sadly all good things have to come to an end so we kissed goodbye to Spain and ventured back home to a ten degree difference. Wow what a shock to the system. Although I definitely do not miss the humidity. 

So back to being focused on the business and seeking inspiration to aid motivation.  

Another friend invited me to an event at the Tate Britain Gallery on Friday where a show called 'Stance' was on. The focus was on clothing, identity and how we are defined by what we wear and how this can symbolise  our class. There were workshops and a panel discussion amongst other things, which were really informative. Not to leave out the fact that there were dj's filling up the gallery, which was great. More of this please.  


Bethany Williams, designer who focusses on recycled materials and sustainability.  


Jenna Young a designer from Blackpool who utilises the tracksuit, a typical working class 'uniform' but elevates it using various fabrics and embellishment to give it aspirational status. 


Panel discussion - this section, subculture and appropriation. Dapper Dan v big elite brands. 

This made me feel so inspired, seeing young designers with such a clear vision has helped me re-establish my own, 

To begin with I have contacted a couple of people regarding opportunities. More to be revealed at a later date.  

Today I utilised the sunshine and headed off to two galleries to see Anna Sui exhibition at the fashion and textiles museum. Followed by an all female exhibition at the White Cube Gallery with the theme being Surrealism. It was great to see some old favourites along with some unknown artists from around the world. Which again has helped me realise that with some effort and vision you can create what you wish despite there being a few attempts. 

My new mantra is to give this the best shot I can and try rather than rest on my laurels or my old favourite, giving up before I have really and truly pushed myself. It is hard being solo on this project but I am so sure about the concept. So much more reaching out is to be done over the next three weeks or so. More doing now. As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Stop being overwhelmed and just do it.