Research and Prototype Week

This week has been great. I feel really enthusiastic about the concept of this magazine. The ideas have been flowing regarding the content and I have been drawing, collaging and painting whilst putting together a protype of how the pages will work in conjunction with one another.  Getting feedback has been invaluable from various people who work in different creative industries.  So far so good I just need to really consider layout, text in conjunction with the images and overall feel. 

The most important point is the actual core concept.  Which is for the magazine to showcase my brand and its unique selling point and raise awareness of the lack of women of colour. In doing this I hope to mimic the look of contemporary art fashion magazines that have serious articles within them discussing various issues that centre on the core theme.

The exhibition is going to coincide with London Fashion Week, which is great. So I need to consider how to utilise this opportunity.  

Next stages are to scan and upload finished pages to begin experimenting in indesign. Exciting times. 


Pages so far... 

Tania Swift