New Autumnal Design Ideas ~ Take Two

Last week I wrote about new design ideas for an autumn range of sweatshirts and possibly hoodies. These designs were just typography based focusing on the keywords I associate with my brand.

Utilising a visual representation of how the word ‘Inclusivity’ would look on a sweatshirt I ran a poll on a social media platform.

There were mixed reviews to the designs with some people saying they would wear it whereas others would not. So I had to think, should I persevere with the designs and tweak the aesthetics of the keywords themselves or change my plan.


So that is exactly what I did, I changed my plan. I am now bringing forward my ideas for what would have been the new spring summer collection.

The idea is set but I am still working on the designs themselves. I have decided to base the new pieces on appropriation, where I work on top of the page I have ripped out of American Vogue magazine. I intend to paint over the background making them very expressive and changing the brand name to something else, something more positive and inclusive regarding women of colour and their visibility in the fashion and art world.


For me, the boundary is constantly blurred and more interesting as a result. The models faces will be drawn so I am combining this notion of art and fashion even more so. And the clothes will have an illustrative quality with them bring drawn over to exaggerate the folds, textures and patterns of the fabric.

I am enjoying the process of making and creating again, being expressive but I will need to start thinking about the final designs ready for the fashion shoot and concepts behind the collection overall. It is all process with this being the most fun at the moment.