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Being inspired is key...

Today a Ted Talk provided that.  Searching the art section I came across an artist/photographer called Angelica Dass, whose work is based on the skin tone of each individual participant and linked to Pantone colour swatches; challenging the idea of how ethnicity is represented.  What struck me was, not only the poignant message behind the work, but the similarity it had to a CD cover I had created some months ago.

Humanae - work in progress , Angelica Dass.

Humanae - work in progress, Angelica Dass.

Untitled , Tania Swift.

Untitled, Tania Swift.

Drawing comparisons between each piece, even though mine is just an experiment, shows a visual and conceptual similarity.  We know that ethnic differences should not be an issue in the 21st century. But sadly it is.  Although a positive shift in a fairer representation of various people, such as body type, seems to be on the periphery I just hope it is not a token gesture.  I believe the power of social media is helping to raise the profile of many different issues and as a result people are feeling more empowered with expressing their views without the bias of the media.  I guess it will be a case of 'watching this space'.   

So, reflecting on my previous post about being obvious with my USP, it has now become a design.  Statement t-shirts are popular for both the designer and wearer as the t-shirt becomes a surface, a canvas, in which to explore or express certain ideas.  So here are the next two designs that are going to be sampled, hopefully ready for production very soon.  

Collage green pattern experiment 1

Collage green pattern experiment 1

The pattern placement for the last design has since been changed so it is not so linear. I will post the fabric samples once I have received them.


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