Getting my Creative on!!!

Scrolling through my feed on various social media platforms there are a wonderful variety of images from different creatives.  Given the concept of my artistic practice, fashion week is always of  particular interest especially when it comes to ethnic representation.  How many designers are being inclusive and not utilising tokenism?  It would seem that there is more representation on the catwalk?  

So I took to various magazines to start my creative journey for the exhibition I will participate in, sourcing inspiration, namely women of colour.  Whilst there are predominantly white models, again, there seems to be a growing varied representation of women from different ethnic backgrounds.  However it only seems to be a certain sector.  There are women from African, Caribbean, Chinese and South East Asian heritage but where are the women from South Asian heritage?  

Obviously my focus is particularly on this demographic given my own ethnic background.  Which saddens me when there is a serious lack of representation at all, I say lack, I mean zero!  Although I am hopeful it is the particular magazines I am looking at and not a true reflection of the overall picture, we will see. 

Therefore I am now wondering if I need to shift gear to bring more attention to this specific issue?  

In the mean time I will continue as intended and create images that can be printed, digitally manipulated and painted.  I also started the magazine but I think it will be a bit tight for the exhibition deadline. Let's see. I have so many ideas for it and have a visual in my head of how I would like it to look, which is why I do not want to rush it.  Here's a sneak preview.  


I have also started to write articles on specific issues, which I may include here as weekly blogs. Three so far have been written. And I'm also thinking of an interview style section where I ask my friends about their indentity, how they feel with regards to the issues I am discussing here.  Along with labels etc. 

Another mission I have been on is creating drawings potentially for the exhibition too. Keeping my business head on I was considering if people would want to purchase a magazine / art print as opposed to a painted print that is 'arty'.  Again ideas and works in progress.  Here they are so far ⬇ 

First practice go...many more to be had

First practice go...many more to be had

Colour palette to be decided  

Colour palette to be decided  

Some of it may be digitised to give it the 'Tania Swift' aesthetic but that's the beauty of experimenting.  I really do love this aspect.

So back to flicking through magazines to try and find a lady of Indian decent.  Fingers crossed my biased assumption will be diminished!!!

Tania Swift