Reaching Out - New Spaces

A slight shift this week from reflecting on my creative processes to news updates business wise. 

Two things:  

I have been fortunate enough to have my garments in a pop up shop in Shoreditch.


Part of my on-going exposure for the business and creating new platforms has been to research spaces in which I could rent a rail or a shelf. The concept is great the cost not so much.


But Urban Makers East have made this a reality. For two weeks and a small fee of £130, which is incredibly cheap, believe me, has made this a viable option for me. So we will see, one week to go so fingers crossed I have sold a garment or two.  


So if you’re in the area head to 188 Shoreditch High Street to peruse the many goods people have lovingly made, including me (insert cheeky smile) 


Second opportunity has been having an article published in a fantastic zine called Sister Magazine. It is a space where all women can share their stories no matter what their background, self identity is. 

I am not a writer but it was very cathartic to write about my own experiences growing up where I did and how my identity has influenced my outlook, the brand and how I navigate this world. 


The editors hosted a panel with women from various spaces who spoke about different topics namely inequality, sexual harassment and overcoming difficult hurdles. It is always interesting to hear other women’s opinions and be in a space that is suooortive, positive and empowering. 

So what will come of this who knows but it is about reaching out and making some ripples, let’s see how far they go. 

Then final update is another weekend pop up that will be happening at the end of the month but follow me on social media and all will be revealed. 

The major points I take from this is networking and reaching out. Nothing comes for free and you have to put the leg work in to make things more visible.  

So here’s to creating more visibility.