Exhibition No 1

The private view has happened with the exhibition continuing until 4th March. So pop along to Four Corners Gallery, 121 Roman Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 0QN. 

'Front Cover' digital deconstructed magazine  

'Front Cover' digital deconstructed magazine  

Reflecting on the show; it was really exciting to be apart of a group exhibition working collaboratively together. As a solo business owner it can get somewhat lonely at times as you are predominantly working by yourself. So meeting the other artists and sharing similar ideas was great soul food. 

Creating the magazine was also very fulfilling, namely because I succeded in completing a personal challenge of making it. Using old work that had been a stored away for some time was a great opportunity in finding a real purpose for it. So it is always worth keeping hold of things as you never know.

Coming up with the overall concept, aesthetic and new pieces to incorporate with the older pieces has really unleashed lots of new creative designs and possibilities for the future potentially. Also learning a new piece of software was incredibly satisfying, a deadline makes a real difference. Great for the motivation too. 

Now I need to think of how to best utilise the magazine. Look at more printers and get some more costs quoted. All I know at this stage is that I would like to have it out in the public domain. 

Next is experimenting with some new concepts for the next exhibition. I am thinking of creating a piece that is more 'purchase(able)'. The gallery has a specific criteria that allows this process to be adhered too, which is good for me as I can go off on a tangent at times. So I think it will be a framed mix media piece with mono prints and collages incorporated with one another along with painterly gestures and possible some fabric. Or the complete contrast - something very simple. Possibly just black and white. 

Experimenting is always key.  


Tania Swift