Sweatshirt Collection 4 - Visual Narrative Building

As a designer, when the funds are low but you have an idea for your next collection, in this instance sweatshirts, what do you do? You just have to get your creative hat on and think outside the box. It has got me thinking about how I can utilise my ideas, get the collection styled and shoot in a way that helps my brand message get across in a clear and succinct way.

Reflecting on my previous collections, the ones I have really enjoyed the most have been the location shoots. I really like the backdrop of the city and the urban vibe lends itself so well to my brand image. Plus it’s free. This time it needs to have a completely different feel so no comparisons can be drawn.


The image I am drawn to a lot is this one, which has been in my photo album for quite some time, sadly I cannot credit the designer due to it being a screenshot; must remember to make notes in the future. I really like the styling and the use of the market. However I think this concept has been already utilised in various famous campaign images before. So I want to be mindful of not repeating the aesthetic but to take inspiration from this type of space and mix it up a little.


This image is from the Versace collaboration with M.I.A, who is a singer that I really admire, and this image, again captures an energy where the model looks empowered set against the backdrop of the inner city urban environment. If I am correct, I think this was shot on Ridley Road market in Hackney, London; a space that has always been on my wish list and again, is very cost effective. I think the preparation will be key here with the styling in terms of switching up the looks.

Now I need to start researching, looking at trends and thinking about how to move both my ideas forward and not forgetting the design, which still need completing. Never a dull day in the life of a creative.