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Reflecting On the Second Collection So Far

The launch of the second collection of T-shirts was a week today and there have been some interesting developments already.  


The amount of traffic on my website, especially on Sunday, was interesting because it really spiked, which was the first time this had happened. So I have been analysing people’s behaviour on the website and which t-shirt they are drawn too, which is intriguing as this can change from day-to-day. I need to look in more depth at the ones getting the most views over the week. 

Excitingly I have sold some t-shirts, which is fantastic. As a designer / artist, it is always great to know your work is ‘out there’ somewhere and as a want to be entrepreneur/ business woman, it helps fund the next projects. 


The M.I.A t-shirt (design on the left) was supported by Refugee Action via their twitter account, which I was so happy about. I hope I can donate lots of profit from this t-shirt to their worthy cause. 

So what next? I definitely need to work with a social media guru and specialist SEO person as I’m still very much a novice when it comes this area and I need an expert. I realise I am very adhoc when it comes to social media so I need a specific strategy and someone to do that side of things for me. 

I am already thinking about new designs and what I could do for the future. This is the most exciting aspect for me, being creative and expressing myself through various mediums especially via fashion.  


I am still completely in love with the idea that the t-shirt is a canvas accessible to everyone and anyone who likes what the brand stands for and or the visual aesthetic.