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“We Are Here” Second Collection Launch Date Set
Tania Swift Lookbook 

Tania Swift Lookbook 

Exciting news, I have finalised a date for the second collection to be launched - a week today. Doctoring the images to my visual aesthetic has taken a bit longer than anticipated but focusing on being solution focused was key in not only being determined to see my vision come to fruition but hopefully portray what I have always wanted; a creative collection that illustrates women from different ethnic backgrounds in a creative visual way.


Frequently I reflect on my upbringing and that of my Mum and my Aunty who are both mixed. My mum is half Indian and half English and my Aunty is half Caribbean and half English/European. Growing up for them had many many hurdles which in turn, in a strange way, has been the inspiration. 


Having visual representations of women that they could view and align themselves with would have positively impacted on their self esteem I’m sure and in turn mine.  Sadly we cannot turn back the clock but moving forward I am always thinking of what they would find inspiring. 


Visibility and inclusivity is so important for young women growing up and whilst I cannot change a deeply entrenched system I hope to make my mark albeit with these illustrations. I hope that people like the images on the t-shirts, maybe they can align themselves with the drawing looking back at them and in some cases, the text or maybe they just want to support the concept behind the brand ~ We Are Here. 

So looking forward, a bit more tweaking here and there ready for 10:00AM to strike next Sunday.  I hope you all like the new collection.

Reflecting on the Last Look Book and Thinking About the Second

The last two weeks has been really interesting, meeting stylists and discussing my ideas with them. Seeing if we are on the same page, visualising the collection in the same way and questionning if they understand the vision of the brand.


The feedback has been positive alongside constructive criticism in terms of the looks I presented and ideas for the shoot; some really made sense, which reinforced the importance of working with a stylist in terms of what they can bring to the table both conceptually and practically. 

I think the biggest thing for me is the sense of creative discussion and bouncing ideas off one another but more importantly; collaboration.  


I am really excited about working with new people and allowing for the brand to be developed in a variety of new ways especially as they will bring a range of experiences with them thus educating me in the process.

Developing in this way is important to me as I like learning; knowledge is power after all or more importantly empowering. I am still a complete novice but want my passion project to have a real opportunity to be successful in one way or another. 

The definition of success is yet to be determined.

So, moving forward, I hope to make a decision by the end of the week because I want to book the studio and photographer to keep the momentum going. 

Watch this space... 

New Designs, New Women of Colour, New Creative Expressions

Waiting for the inspiration to kick in can be a real test of patience. 

Simple t-shirt visualisation of my initial sketches. On the fence about this. 

Simple t-shirt visualisation of my initial sketches. On the fence about this. 

But when it does there is so much productivity. It feels energising and motivational. I have a new sense of focus for the brand. 

Visually this is very impactful but is it too decisive? 

Visually this is very impactful but is it too decisive? 



Conducting some market research in a few of my favourite shops definitely helped. Coupled with the customers in there really cemented who I want to wear my garments - the young and fashionably edgy. So I best make edgy designs that are commercially viable. 

Another quick visualisation of one of my sketches - too plain? Too much white space? 

Another quick visualisation of one of my sketches - too plain? Too much white space? 


So to improve on the designs, to experiment, to remember who has inspired me from the art world and who continues to do so. I will take inspiration from them, my favourites ~ Warhol & Basquiat. 


So, embracing the vitamin D today I just sat in my garden and added to the drawings I had already sketched of women of colour.

I knew I wanted to be more expressive but in my own style. To just add paint, ink and pen in anyway that felt right. I wanted the images of the women to be strong, to be visually impactful. 


It was very liberating and enjoyable process because I just went with the flow. I just wanted to make marks, add texture and experiment. 


These are not the finished designs as I want to incorporate more layers, more text and maybe some colour. I am not sure yet but I want to push the visual aesthetic whilst keeping to the ethos of the brand - being inclusive and celebrating women of colour. 

I have also been thinking of a new statement to coincide with the collection, which again is about drawing attention to women, women who identify as being of colour and highlighting the need for more visibility not just tokenistic gestures that are supposed to appease people.


The statement has been rolling around in my head for a few days. So I quickly inked it on to a page with some eyes, to symbolise the need to be looking, paying attention and questioning. it needs some work but I am happy with the message overall. 

 Let me know what you think - all feedback is good feedback.