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DNA Time

Thinking about tracking your ancestors heritage is both an exciting and intimidating experience. 

The biggest concern was if the results would confirm the information I had grown to know as the truth or flag up more questions?  

What is fascinating is the breakdown in results and the land my ancestors covered from their direction out of Africa.  

Sadly I cannot go into detail as the report has ‘wandered’ off and I need to contact the company to see if I can still have access. But what I do remember is that the Indian percentage was 33%, there was some Portuguese in there amongst other nationalities with English being the majority. Which was no surprise given my mum being half English and my birth being English too. 


So what next? How can I find out more about more about the Indian element? Whilst it was fascinating to find out the information from the report it was equally frustrating to still be hitting a brick wall in terms of specifics. Where was my mum’s birth mother from? Which part of India? How can we find out more information without it being emotionally detrimental to my mum? 

Unpicking my identity was / is becoming more and more important.