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Consciously Creative x Brand Ethos

The creative process is so important when expressing my ideas which is magnified when coupled with the vision of the brand ethos.

There were so many important elements to consider. The visual aesthetic, developing my own artistic expression and creating a more sustainable approach to the production methods.

Here - Cover Girl

Here - Cover Girl

Arguably the first element was challenging myself to create more pieces that would enable more choice for the consumer but also communicate the message in a clearer way, which is why I incorporated more text in some of the pieces.

I wanted to draw the viewer in, to challenge their perception of what they were initially seeing and for them to exam in more depth the various layers of the narrative. What is this piece representing? What is it about? A bit like you would in an art gallery but here there is no synopsis of the work.


This design was titled ‘Here - Cover Girl’, namely because my work is inspired by models from various ethic backgrounds within Vogue Magazine who rarely grace the covers in comparison to white models. There is definitely a shift in inclusivity and representation but there is still some work to do.

There are personal elements weaved within the piece too, specifically relating to box ticking and knowing how to identify when you come from an ethnic background.


If you are or have read some my of blogs in the past you will be familiar with my family being rather unique with my mum and her siblings born from different ethnic backgrounds and adopted. Which added an additional layer or detachment from any cultural identity let alone ownership of their ethnic background.

This in turn created difficulties around how I identify, even to this day and navigate how people view me. Fortunately this brand has allowed me to talk about these experiences with other mixed race people and express them creatively. Thus expanding on the brand, the visual aesthetic and hopefully people will identify with the art work / fashion design and wear it to either symbolise their own support of the brand based on their own story or want to support the visibility of women of colour - or perhaps both.

University Time and Japan

University was a great time. A time to be more independent and discover myself more without fear of critique.

It gets tiring answering the same question frequently ‘where are you from?’ 

It was during this time I stated to embrace my ‘other’ heritage and not feel ashamed of it. Shame is a heavy burden as is denial. It is hard when you are not given the space to discuss, ask questions or explore what your identity means because your immediate role model was not equipped with the tools nor confidence to tackle this very personal subject matter either. 

However I decided that university was the start of my own journey, my journey to unpick the any questions I had regarding my identity.  


It became quite simple.


Talking about my mum’s mixed heritage and adoption factually. How we do not know about her background aside from her mother being Indian and father being British. How her adoptive parents were progressive, adopting children from different countries post Second World War.  How her birth parents relationship was not acceptable out of wedlock nor due to it being interracial or so we were told. Who truly knows? 


That was it.  


But it still felt very therapeutic just being very literal about the facts. We knew what we knew and that was that. I embraced the ‘difference’ and celebrated it instead of being shrouded in shame. It was liberating. It marked the start of an era. 


The next chapter was to travel.

To fulfill an ambition.


So I turned 25 and two weeks later I was traveling 6000 miles to Tokyo, Japan by myself.

It was exciting. A new found confidence emerged and talking more about my mums background became easier. As did meeting new people and exploring a new culture.  Albeit East Asian not South Asian. But it was one of the best experiences of my life. 

Which led to more intrigue. How do I found out more? What are the procedures to retrieve more information? How would my mum feel about it? And her Father, my grandfather who was very dear to us? 

A lot of questions to be answered. A lot of avenues to explore. It suddenly felt overwhelming.