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Market Time - On The 'Up'?

This blog will be written over the course of the day. Today I am trading, for the first time, at Brick Lane 'Up Market'. As it is Easter weekend I am hoping there will be good footfall and some sales to be made. I have put all of my products on special offer so I hope I break even at least.


So it is midday and the footfall is increasing, which is a good sign. People are engaging with the products, again another encouraging sign. A purchase was nearly made but the fit was not quite right for the gentlemans frame. Such a shame as he really liked the Abstract Asian print sweatshirt and was really apologetic, which was really sweet and made me feel somewhat better about not making the sale. 


14:00 - some sales have been made hurrah. There is so much truth in the saying that buying from an independent business means that we do a little dance on the inside after each sale.   So far, a Maya t-shirt has been sold, an Abstract Asian print and two Maya tote bags.  Maya is popular today.  Fingers crossed for a couple more purchases by the lovely public. 


17:00 - I have made the rent and a bit more so I am feeling super happy.  It is always a big concern if you are going to return home with breaking even or not at least. So for my first venture here I am happy with the positive vibes I have received from people and of course their purchases.


To summarise, I feel very happy with my overall experience at the market today. There was a lot more interaction with the products and people showing genuine interest in the brands overall aesthetic and ethos. Also, I have met some really lovely traders around me, who were really supportive and made the day go by quickly with various chat. I think that is what makes a market, the community and support from one another.  Because we are all entrepreneurs in our own way whether it is from a creative perspective or selling various goods.  I think my pitch really helped also.  Located in the middle between the food and the beginning of the other traders made the footfall past my stall even better. So I will endeavour to request that spot for next time if I can. 

With this new positivity I need to utilise it.  To build up the brand with the feedback from the fashion consultant and other people in the know along with building on my research, contacts and much more. Watch this space, as usual. 

Spring Time

Officially spring is here so I need to get the wheels in motion.   In the next few weeks I am attending various workshops and meeting a fashion mentor to get some guidance on moving the brand forward.  I know what I would like to happen but my lack of knowledge stops me from being able to make really good progress.  Fingers crossed the advice I receive is the catalyst in both the exposure of the brand and sales.  

It is hard being a lone business person.  Reaching out is the right thing to do so I can reinvigorate my enthusiasm and motivation.  I am sure most entrepreneurs have moments where they seriously question what they are doing and why.  I know I do.  Especially after loaning money for it, I would hate for it not to work because I did not fully invest in it physically and mentally.

Participating in the art group is good as it has helped the creativity and opened up options regarding how the brand could be showcased.  But allows me the time to explore my favourite old notion of challenging the boundaries of where art and fashion can exist or more importantly co-exist.  There is another exhibition coming up in May.  So I am playing about with ideas, new ones that differ from the magazine as I like to work in various mediums.  At the moment I am toying with the idea of  paintings with collage, screenprints or maybe just framing the t-shirts along with an image of it being modelled.  We will see as my ideas change frequently depending on my mood and the overall aesthetic of the pieces when they are together.  Here's a sneaky peek of the potentials so farπŸ‘‡πŸ½