Website Regig Focus

This week really has been all about the website, touching up the photos from the shoot and deciding which image is to be placed where. Along with frantically figuring out how to get ride of certain elements to avoid too many clicks from image to the shop, from the consumer end, along with text appearing in places it should not.

There is something equally pleasing and frustrating when it comes to understanding the basics of web design but it is very satisfying when a simple click can change the aesthetics of what I envision. It is a big learning curve but one that is enjoyable for the most part. Usually because there is a solution or someone at the end of an email to help. Thank goodness. I just need to sort out the mobile phone set up so the text is aligned properly. 


So really for the most part the next few weeks are going to be focussed on making the content of all my social platforms link up and make sense visually. 

In addition I have started on my new lookbook, which has had images placed into a temporary template but will need a lot of configuration I think as it was a bit placement impulsive image wise.

Adding the artistic elements will be fun. I have been researching and looking at fashion lookbooks by famous design houses to get a feel for what is common and currently on trend. Luckily for me they seem less clinical and much more about expression both in terms of mark making and the juxtaposition of images. It is much more exciting to me and feeds into my own creative aesthetic. 

So along side this and the Zines of the World exhibition this Thursday at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane, which I will update you on. I will start to make some movement on the PR side of things. 

Like always, watch this space...