Workshop #1


The feeling of spring in the air is great.  It is motivating and allows for a new sense of propose, which I am reaching out more and more for. 

The workshop I attended today was delivered by a team from id magazine, one of my favourites, who spoke about journalism.  Whilst this is not my focus I was interested in the the overall advice they gave about the visual presentation of the magazine, how you can develop relationships with people in the industry and meeting the stylist Louby McLoughlin.  It was very useful to talk to her as she gave me some very specific advice about how to contact stylists and people within the fashion world to help get my brand out there.

As a result, this week will be focused on creating a contact list and editing my lookbook so I can send it to various people who I hope will be able to help in one way or another.  Coupling this with the advice from the mentor meeting I will have on Wednesday will hopefully allow me to make some significant progress on moving forward.  I need to have my eye on the prize now. 

Tania Swift