Making a Statement

In my last post I spoke of feeling like I was onto something.  Upon reflection I felt a bit silly for saying that.  Sounded a bit arrogant maybe?  But then witnessing my Instagram feed being filled with images of Statement   t-shirts off the catwalks from New York Fashion Week.  I reconsidered my thoughts.  

Artists have used t-shirts as a canvas for decades, my favourites being Barbara Kruger and Jenny Holzer to mention a few.  They have inspired me for so many years, since I was a student at university. 

When designing my t-shirts I knew I wanted them to be digital prints but with an artistic touch.  The aesthetic had to encompass a brush stroke or a print mark, a linear quality had to be evident, had touched the surface prior to digital manipulation.  Which is why I have opted for mono prints and painting to mention a few.

Sitting in my studio and thinking about my USP I knew I wanted one of the four initial designs to be a Statement of some sort, to encompass the idea of the brand.  Hence this design ⬇️

Paint on paper and scanned in prior to digital transfer onto fabric

Paint on paper and scanned in prior to digital transfer onto fabric

Subtle enough? Maybe bit obvious? Who knows but a poignant time for the spring / summer season it seems.  Especially, as previously mentioned, the political climate and people wanting to voice their opinions and concerns in many ways.  It is the perfect time for creatives to seek inspiration and create art work or fashion pieces to showcase their thoughts in response to various agendas.  Below are the the t-shirts that caught my eye:


Straight Curve Film


Prabal Gurung




So I am going to wear my Statement t-shirt with pride and frequently too.  Get the message out there both publically and on various social media platforms.  It is the perfect time to shout and get noticed.And keep shouting.

Thinking of platforms, the exhibition is nearing closer and closer.  Creating the art work felt scary and uncertain.  Varying ideas of possible pieces I could exhibit based on what I already had versus creating something that was a challenge.  Time frames and motivation were big factors.  So I sketched out three ideas and decided that I am someone who likes a challenge, a deadline, let's see if I can make it happen.  And if all else fails I have options to fall back on!

Thankfully the challenge paid off And has now unfolded into what I had envisioned, a magazine.  I have printed off a proof.  Final tweaks are happening.  Double checking my grammar (arduous task), quality of prints have been rescanned and illustrations added of my wonderful interviewees.  The final task is getting it printed ready to exhibit.  I feel excited.  Being creative is such good soul food.  

Here is the front cover.  Titled FRONT COVER as every woman regardless of her size, age and or ethnicity should be on the cover and within the pages of every magazine.  Contents to be shared in the next post. 


So a date for your diary ➡️ Thursday 23rd February, Private View from 6-9pm at Four Corners Gallery, 121 Roman Road. Bethnal Green.  If you can make it, it would be great to see you there 😁

Tania Swift